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What is the merchandise changeover like in places without a change of seasons?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25249points) September 17th, 2010

Of course I recognize that everyone technically has a change of seasons, but here in Ohio the change of season means going from 95F with smoldering humidity to 10F with several inches of snow in a matter of a few months.

The stores start to change over from tank tops to hooded jackets and quickly to wool sweaters. It makes perfect sense for the climate… but what about places where the climate is not quite so extreme throughout the year? What changes in clothing stores in areas that have a more consistent weather/temperature pattern?

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Here in the islands, we get a few racks of winter coats that people buy for trips to colder climates, but other than that, it really doesn’t change. You can buy swimsuits all year long.

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Seasons change even if the weather doesn’t. For instance, I can easily go to the beach in October, but I will not be able to find a bathing suit at any non beach based store. Likewise, it’s over 80F here today and they are selling long coats at Macy’s.

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It rarely gets very cold at all here, but I see people donning pea coats, trenches, mittens, and scarves galore. We always have tanks and sandals for sale, but people do buy their fair share of winter clothing.

I bought a lovely coat last year. My justification was that I would need it on a trip to a colder climate after winter quarter ended. It was warm at home, but chilly in St. Louis.

There’s also a changeover of merchandise for “fall colours” or “spring colours”. I still don’t understand that myself, but it’s apparently quite important to some people.

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In England in winter time we tend to bundle up. Boots, wooly jumpers, gloves & coats being the order of the day. Whilst in the summertime, whoo hoo do we let our hair down. Yeah that’s right, we take our coats off. Leaving wooly jumpers boots & gloves firmly in place :¬)

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@muppetish that is kind of what I assumed… that it would mostly be a change of colors and styles, as opposed to function.

I’ve never lived anywhere that there was not a distinct weather change through the seasons.. so it made me curious.

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It happens anyway! In Florida, where the social party season starts in the fall and runs through the winter, you still get sales of outdoor BBQ equipment and furniture in the spring.

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Tampa, Florida.

It’s exactly the same as up north, only without the specific snow-attire. Yes, our stores start selling mittens and scarves and parkas around October, and it becomes impossible to find a good pair of work shorts for my hubby (working in long pants when you do floor work is really uncomfortable, says him). It makes no sense, as last Halloween was still in the upper 80s, and our cold snap didn’t start until mid-January.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I can see how that would be really aggravating. I hate that they switch the merchandise over as early as they do here sometimes. Apparently it is unheard of that someone might want to purchase a swimsuit in the middle of the summer.

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I’m 50/50 on that one. I mean, I hate that they switch so early, but it’s really nice to see bathing suits on the clearance rack in time for my Labor Day party. ^_^

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It’s the same as everywhere else, unfortunately. Buying a swim suit in the fall/winter season is nearly impossible, even though the temperature might be in the high 80’s to low 90’s for weeks on end.

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