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What percentage of my heritage determines my race?

Asked by teejay8192010 (4points) September 17th, 2010

i am 25% latino and 75% white am i latino

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I say if you wish to identify yourself as Latino, that is your right.

As far as I know, only the Native American reservations have a “percentage limit” on race claims.

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Unless you are trying to get enrolled into a NA tribe, I think it is your mind set not your heritage that determines your race.

If you are trying to get enrolled into a tribe, it is the tribe that determines the standards. Not all tribes use the same standards.

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Race is a made up concept. There is no science behind it. There are two ways to get a race. You can choose one yourself (which is how we usually do it on forms), or you can have it assigned to you—which only happens officially in prisons and maybe mental health asylums.

There is an unofficial way a race gets assigned to you. Everyone who sees you who thinks in terms of race will decide what you are when they see you. How they decide is unique to them.

In addition, latino is not a race. It is an ethnic heritage. You can white and latino, black and latino, chinese and latino, and on and on. You can also be as many races as you want, as far as the census is concerned.

In the past, they said that if you were one-eighth black, you were black. I always wondered what made “black” blood any stronger that any other blood. But of course it isn’t. It’s just that slaveholders wanted more slaves to hold.

Race is a meaningless concept. Ethnicity only slightly less so,.

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And you are of the Human variety.

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You may be interested in reading about the one drop rule. I’m not saying I believe in it, it’s just interesting how people think.

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