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Is the price right?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) September 18th, 2010

Today, wife and i are having a yard sale. this is a one-time event in the last five years. All the junk my wife has bought for ebay and never sold, is up for grabs. We differ on the price of one item and its price tag. It’s a Casio electronic piano keyboard. It belonged to our grandaughter and used very little. Still in the box. Its not a toy, it’s the size of a small piano. Works perfectly. I suggested a selling price of $75.00. She thinks that price is too high. Question: What is your opinion of the selling price of this item?

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I have no idea its worth, but suggest going with the higher price. At yard sales, people are more than willing to negotiate the price if they are interested in it. You can always go lower; you can’t increase it.

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Price is to high. It’s a garge sale. You could though put it at that if it nevers sells or gets closer to the end of the day lower it.

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I’m with @Pied_Pfeffer – Start high, but be willing to haggle down.

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It’s better to go to high – if someone is really interested they’ll come discuss and haggle with you.

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I would sell it through you paper- $75 is too low.

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you should be able to make that price work. It’s not like exorcise equipment, you can’t give that stuff away most the time.

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John, don’t keep us in suspense. Did they sell? If so, at what price?

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