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For Females: How much over the weight chart are you if you are toned and fit? (Details follow)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) September 18th, 2010

Or are you over the chart at all?

I have wondered about this a long time and have never had the opportunity to ask women who exercised regularly and were fit and toned (not bulky). Everyone always says that when you work out, you don’t lose as much weight because you are building muscle. Is this true for you?

1. Do you find that the weight charts are inaccurate for someone who is toned and fit like you?
2. When you weigh yourself, how much more do you weigh than the charts say you should? Or are you within the range or less?
3. Do you think the older you are (despite how fit you are) you weigh more than you did, say, in your 20’s?

I am asking women because I am one (I’d like to know the answers for myself) and also because I am sure that a toned, buffed guy who lifts weights and is really bulky does weigh a lot more than the charts state. I just wonder how it might be for a woman who works out and doesn’t put on bulk, just exercises and is considered fit.

I realize that charts are arbitrary, not a rule——and one should go by how one feels, etc. I just want to know if it is true that a toned body, on average, weighs more than basic charts state.

Here is a link to a basic weight chart (I go by the Medical Recommendation one):link

Thank you…:)

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When I was 35 and was extremely fit and toned I wore a size 6 or 4 petite. However according to chart I was suppose to weigh 110–123 for my height. I went to the gym everyday and ate well.
I was extremely healthy and not bulky. Just toned. No one believed I weighed 125. Even my doctor was surprised.

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I’m naturally muscular, and I’m also short. At 5’1, I’m 143 right now and I’m out of shape. In shape, I’d be about 138. Notice the very small fluctuation in weight. This is why I pay those charts no mind because I know how my body is. Not to unnecessarily bring race into the picture, but Blacks are hereditarily heavier than Whites or Asians, so there’s that. No matter how thin I get, I’ll always be in the “over weight” range on those charts, and frankly, I don’t care :)

By the way, the results say I should be 101–132 lbs for my height. That would never happen.

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My BMI right now is 22.Last month 21.6 It is within the range.
Time to get the duct tape out XD
If I gain 5 lbs,then I restrict my food intake.My workout has stayed more or less the same for the past 16 years,with the addtion of alittle yoga in the past year.

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@Facade Do you think that’s because of denser bones? I know black women are statistically less likely to get osteoporosis than white or Asian women…

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yes, I think so. I know several instances when I should have broken a bone or two and didn’t.

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I’m 154 and 5’ 3 and yes, I’m a stone over weight but I do have a lot of muscle so in order for me to be healthy I think I would be in the upper range of my idea weight. I looked and felt great at 10 stone (140 pounds) which is the top end of the threshold. I wouldn’t be able to maintain a lower weight I don’t think!

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The link didn’t work for me. Usually, whatever charts put me at overweight but I feel fit and healthy and I am.

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I carry a lot of muscle mass. I am currently out of shape and overweight, but even when I had a very low BMI, weight charts classified me as overweight.

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I don’t think I’m over the charts, I don’t usually pay much attention to that sort of thing. I go by how healthy I feel, and inches when fitting into pants.

I’m 5’6 and 128lbs. I’m usually 115, but had a baby 6.5 months ago..I feel really great about my body though. I’m within a healthy range, and have curves. I have a naturally athletic build, but I’m not too athletic. I did do the 30 Day Shred, and lost 14lbs! It was amazing, and I really toned my arms and back. I want to start it up again because I fell off the wagon when we went on vacation lol

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