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Is there anyway to improve my memory?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 21st, 2010

Is there a pill I can take? Can I eat something to improve it? I find it is not all the best as I get older. Anyone else feel that way?

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This is 100 percent true, I kid you not. I thought of this question yesterday, but I couldn’t remember today what the other question I wanted to ask was. (I also forgot my lessons on sentence structure). My memory has gotten terrible over the years. Any ideas welcome here as well. I did come across something about surfing the web helps improve memory.

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You could try some of the games/challenges on, which are specifically designed to help improve one’s memory.

I’m fond of Word Bubbles.

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@Frenchfry, your question is quite broad—so I’m assuming you’re inquiring about general memory improvement techniques rather than a specific spectrum (for instance, I have a very hard time remembering people’s names). My advice, which is without any hint of science, is to find specific areas where you’d like to improve your memory and attempt to sharpen your focus in those areas.

As a small example, I very, very consciously bring into sharp focus all the surrounding environment when I park my car in a large garage, and I create a memory device (mnemonic) to assist my memory. If I park in B4, “before” I leave I have to find my car. If I’m in 1N, that’s the “one in a million” spot.

It is said that many games (crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc.) keep one’s mind sharp. Good nutrition can improve memory. For me, it’s all about “intensifying” a moment that I want to preserve in my memory.

Not sure I’ve helped, and I hope I didn’t forget what you asked ;-)

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Eat blueberries!
and apples, spinach, onions, broccoli, red beets, grapes, cherries, eggplant, and rosemary.

10 Foods That Boost Memory

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Give up drinking

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There was something that I heard of to improve memory, but I forgot.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Sweet! I love sites like that where you get points and there is a community… reminds me of another great site… hmm…

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For me it is a notepad and I send myself e-mails!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That was fun. I like that. I am now a member. I just hope I don’t forget my password. har har har

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After I had chemo, my short term memory got really wonky. To try to help it, I learned to write notes to myself. Somehow the process of writing something down, then reading it over, helps to cement it in my mind, even the little things. For names and such, I say them over and over to myself when I first hear them. If I’m out, and can’t write things down, I’ll call my house from my cell and leave myself a message.
This may be way more than you wanted to know, but these things have really helped me out.

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@Cruiser I do that constantly.

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All great suggestions. @Hawkeye what fun is that?Anyway I don’t drink all that much just a couple. LOL

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Quit the ganja.

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This is an excellent article on improving memory.

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