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Favorite music/song/genre to listen to while studying?

Asked by TheHaight (4394points) September 21st, 2010

Currently studying at my favorite local coffee shop and am so distracted by my playlist! I am dancing, moving around like I haven’t taken my ADHD meds, help :) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am getting a bit sick of Death Cab (just a bit, not a lot).

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Trip-Hop! Massive Attack, Portishead, Flying Lotus, etc.

Maybe not your cup of tea but good bands nonetheless.

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Air, Zero 7, Telepopmusik, and other things of that sort.

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I loveee Portishead! and as a matter of fact a friend of mine wont shut-up about Flying Lotus! I will definitely check em’ out.

ooooh @chels I only know the “just breathe” song by Telepop (thanks to ridiculous car commercials) but have always wanted to check out more by them.

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I also really like Thom Yorke’s (lead singer of Radiohead) solo album, The Eraser for stuff like that.

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I’m listening to Flying Lotus right meowww!:)

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When I have to be mentally occupied elsewhere, I stick to instrumental music. Movie scores, Celtic airs and reels, and the like. The flowing, predictable patterns of the music are calming, but not distracting.

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I can’t study to music. Never could, going all the way back to when my friends were listening to Elvis. When there’s music playing, if I like it I listen to it, and if I don’t, it just irritates me. Either way, I can’t concentrate on something else. When I’m studying, I give it my full attention.

This question just made me think of state-dependent learning. I first read about this in a psychology textbook that cited studies showing that people tend to recall best in an environment like the one in which they learned. One conclusion was that people would do best on tests if they studied in a setting that was like the test setting: quiet, well lit, and sitting upright.

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Like @Seek_Kolinahr said, I can only listen to instrumentals when I’m studying.
My favorite study music is anything by Explosions in the Sky

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Anything. I like classical music, but generally any music without words. Stuff like this. And the typical Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

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Brudda Iz and I have been study buddies for years. Takes me to my happy place and lets me focus.

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