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Download more RAM - is it legit and if so how does it work?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) September 21st, 2010

My friend just sent me this website:

Questions are in the title. Is it virus/spyware etc etc or a legitimate way to get RAM. Personally I cannot see how it works, so if it is legitimate some explanations would be awesome.

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It’s a load of crap. RAM is a hardware component and that is purely software.

In fact, it’s kind of a meme as well.

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RAM is hardware, a physical part of the computer; the only way to get more is to physically install it into the computer. Software is stuff that can be downloaded like files, songs, games etc.

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Silly me fooling (lolpun) for this slightly. I thought that maybe it was some crazy software/driver etc that would make your current RAM more effective or something.

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I think it’s one of them thar joke sites.

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You cannot download more RAM.

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[mod says]: Please remember that this is in the general section folks. I know the urge to joke is strong but please resist unless you have something to add to the thread.

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My first thought was “scam” but on looking at the website it’s a parody.

See this line right at the bottom: “This whole website is a joke :) hope it made you laugh.”

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You cannot download RAM, the website you got is not giving you more RAM!
Ok so hard-disk-space is let’s say….........a disk it loads MUCH slower than RAM however it stores allot mine stores nearly 500GB.
RAM is random access memory if you want more your gonna have to buy some (cost allot!!!) it’s a little stick which you plug into your computer however the default stores a tiny amount mine stores 4GB but it loads much faster than hard-disk-space.
If your ram runs out the computer uses hard-disk-space!
It’s allot to explain I got more info but I can’t type anymore!
Just buy more if you want more…..........

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