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Do you ever simply "give up" on a thread?

Asked by josie (30931points) September 22nd, 2010

On occasion a good comment stream will begin, and I jump right in. But more often than not, by the time I have to put up with all the political parroting, the massive equivocating, superstition, sophomoric pontificating, and schoolmarm grammar and spelling corrections, I start to get tired of the effort.
Of course, and not surprisingly I suppose, I have occasionally gotten on a soapbox myself, so I totally understand the impulse.
But have you ever simply gotten tired of all the bullshit and dropped out of a thread or even stopped following one of your own questions because it all got to be too much?
I know that I have.
I ask this because as someone who is sort of a Fluther outsider, and still new to the game, I wonder if I am missing an important point.
Is there a sort Fluther ethos that demands that you hang on to the bitter end?

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I’ve dropped out of many when they got too political or just too busy and no longer interesting to me. I’ve never had to drop out of one of my own questions though.

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Yes, I have given up on some threads.
When I see disrespect and name calling, I know it’s a waste of my time to keep reading.
Some people don’t want to even hear an opposing view, let alone consider it.

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All the time. I don’t often have time to keep up with a long and complex thread, so I add my thoughts and leave unless they are directly challenged.

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Oh yes….more times than not. I’m guilty of some of the stuff you mentioned. But, who is perfect….

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When the person who asked the question says, “Problem solved. Thanks!”, I typically stop following. Also when the responses turn into a chest-butting fest.

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I drop out of threads I am answering, but not questions that I ask. I feel like I have a sort of duty to the latter.

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What most of the others said… If it turns into an inane battle I’ll leave, although I’ll occasionally I’ll check back in if I think mods may have intervened and gotten it back on track. This one is a good example.

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@JilltheTooth I thought we were still discussing the original issue there. Conventional vs. alternative medicine is the basis of these conspiracy theories isn’t it?

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@FireMadeFlesh : it degenarated for awhile into name calling, then came back to what you said. Better discussion, less “You’re wrong” “No, You’re wrong”

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Absolutely. Sometimes they are just exhausting to follow.

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@JilltheTooth Fair enough. For the reasons stated above, I rarely read every post in a thread.

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The ones that wear me out are the religious debates. Usually, two or three people debating forever. Okay, I’m slightly guilty here, but really try hard to stay out of these.

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Yup – I will drop out of them when they get tiresome, even if they are my own.

(@josie I think with over 5,000 points, you can drop your outsider stance and consider yourself a member of the fold.)

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I’ve given up on soo many questions. I give up mostly because it’s either too scientifical for me or something. I also give up if I don’t understand the question…

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Depends on my mood and the Jellies involved. I just gave up on one a minute ago. Threads are luck buses…there will be another one coming along any minute now that I can hop on.

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It takes me a long time to give it up but when the Christianity threads start being nasty and aggressive I leave.

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I’m out in like a week tops. Because most of the best arguments and answers are put forth within the first 20 to 50 spots. The rest is just he said she said. That is a great compliment to the intelegence of this community. I am amazed at the responses that are put forth here daily! So kudo’s one and all for messing my brain up just a little bit more.

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Oh yeah, i’d even say it’s the majority that I do “give up” on. I mean, some are like pulling teeth, others like playground tittle tattle. I stay with them if they’re interesting to me while at the same time being civil & respectful. It aint rocket science!

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I don’t really ‘give up’ so to speak until I’ve spoken my peace but after that it doesn’t matter anymore if it’s just backtalk from someone and I leave.

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Yes. I just did. It took a lot.

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All the time, I’ll do it right now.

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All the time. Sometimes I login and see questions I would’ve answered about a third of the way up the thread before it turned into bs or nonsense so I’ll give GA to some of what’s already written and then move on.

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Yeah, but mostly cuz I got bored or fed up with it, rather than being annoyed by specific behaviours found within. Mostly I get sick of threads clogging up my notification thing, so I just go, fuckoff, jerksack!

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Yes. If I realize that I’m not actually enjoying posting, I stop. What’s the point?

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Yes… all the time.

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As a member, yes, several times (though I don’t think I’ve ever abandoned one of my own). As a mod, I’m observing until the bitter, bitter end.

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That’s ^^^^^ why I wouldn’t want to be a mod! @augustlan : “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”

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The first ever question I asked on here (a hypothetical, so I could tell it was going to get ridiculous) managed to spring up with a rather large debate; I didn’t abandon the topic, but I did lose track after a certain point, especially considering there appeared to be two different arguments going on at the same time.

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All the time. If it turns into banter between just a few people, non topic related or if there starts a whole new facet of debate I feel unable or uninterested in entering, sure.

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I could have written this question at the current point in my fluther experience. I was just about to give up on the whole site, but then I came across this question.
All the discussion and debate for all the effort, never seems to change any minds even if you have your facts straight and link your answers with credible facts and sources.
Also, it seems there is usually only one dissenting opinion, usually mine, and the other users want to gang up on the one and try to overwhelm him/her with an inundation of accusations and/or trivial off-shoot questions.

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