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What exactly does it mean when you hold two fingers up behind somebody's head in a picture in order to be funny.

Asked by josie (28668points) September 22nd, 2010

You know what I am talking about.
A friend is having a serious conversation with somebody and you walk up and quietly hold up two fingers, in the V sign, behind their head.
Or it shows up in a picture where people are drunk or something.
What does that actually mean?
Where does it come from?
When did it start?

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Devil horns, bunny ears. Or just two fingers behind the head.

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I simply see a way to make someone look silly with rabbit ears.

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I’ve always heard it referred to as bunny ears and when I’ve seen it done, it was people just being silly. It’s been around for a while, but I don’t know how long. I have pictures of my mom and her siblings doing it when they were children.

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That you have zero imagination, and you really need a life.

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Alien, old television, V head?

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That means the person has extra fingers sprouting from their head and should seek medical attention immediately.

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I think that when we did this in Russia, it was to show that this person is now a goat – the word for goat ‘kozel’ was a kind of an insult but if friends did this to friends, it was in good fun.

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It means you’re an annoying unoriginal little twat! Yeah i’m happy to sign my name to that .

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It means, “Peace, behind this guy’s head.”

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Just plain decades old fashion fun. No derogatory intent; meant for humor only.

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Any time I’ve seen it, it’s just putting “bunny ears” on them. Just a silly joke kind of thing.

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IIRC, it used to widely mean cuckold’s horns (i.e. “Yo, your wife’s getting a sausage delivery that ain’t yours, dude-bro!”). Men would do this to other men at social gatherings and so on. Oh, the fights that started…

Now it’s just something to do that’s annoying behind someone’s head in photos.

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@aprilsimnel Yeah, we’d do that too but with bigger horns to signify a deer.

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According to my 11 yr old daughter, if you give someone “bunny ears,” it means you want to kiss that person. I’m pretty sure a kid at school made that up to mock all the other kids who insist on making annoying bunny ears every time someone pulls out a camera.

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It means you’re 7. Seriously, we did this all the time in 2nd grade. :P

We also had a slightly bent version of bunny ears that meant “turn around and kiss me”. lol

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It means they like having pictures taken of their fingers.

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Here’s some info on it does mention the use of it in photos further down the page.
V Sign
Oh and this is really interesting too, just found it.

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Wow. Just bunny ears. Or “peace” if not behind a head. Why the hostility?

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Who knows… one strategic finger works fine for me!

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