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Do you know any true hoarders and you think the show hosts/doctors try to make the hoarder give up too many of their possessions?

Asked by Aster (18882points) September 23rd, 2010

I love Hoarders: Buried Alive. But shouldn’t the hoarders be able to keep a lot more of nice and often new things they want to keep? The “Got Junk” employees throw out nice things and seem to clean them out to the bare walls.

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I never saw that show but I feel people should be able to keep their junk,along with all 35 cats! Long live crazy cat ladies!Those wacky!@#$%^& XD

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When you work insurance claims for 25 years and go into homes on a daily bases, I’ve seen some stuff that would “make your socks roll up and down like window shades!” I’ve seen it packed to the ceiling with only small trails through the home. This lady that had it packed to the ceiling had a bunch of cats and dogs and the lady had no litter box etc. you get the picture! unreal. An underwriting review was a given.

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The worst one I’ve seen on tv had a lady whose toilet had stopped working ten years ago so she used tall kitchen bags for her toilet and piled them up on a stairwell. I am not exaggerating. I actually am not sure they should have shown it .

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@BoBo1946 did you wear a mask?

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too often these hoarders die and leave the family to clean it up and do the repairs on the place. I have a friend who has been left in this position- it’s taken well over a year to clear up the place. And the diaper lady that @Aster mentioned, she died.

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@Aster you would not believe some of the stuff I’ve seen in houses. A lady turned in a claim on wet carpet….her 12 years old son was peeing on it. I could write a book on this stuff. I’ve seen preachers burn their homes..intentionally. I had a guy that turned in a claim for theft of everything in his home. And, this home was in a subdivision. I told this man we would have get a statement under oath and to be administered by our attorneys. The next week the guy called me and someone had returned all his stuff..he founded it in the yard when he came home from work. loll Could tell stories all day on the stuff I’ve seen.

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I’ve never seen the show.
I find hoarders to be somewhat sad; often, the reason why they hoard is because they’re afraid of not having what they need when they need it.

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