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The ice age is really coming?

Asked by Otto_King (1107points) September 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

I heard on the radio, that some scientists noticed that the speed of gulf-stream has slowed down a bit, which will cause a second ice age on the 8th of december this year. Anyone heard anything about it?

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I think that is the week that the Hale Bop comet is coming back around…now it all is starting to make sense!! Pack your gym bags!

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This guy would disagree with that.

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Soooo wait… not only have they theorized this ice age in the midst of a global warming crisis, but they got it pin pointed to an exact date. Also an ice age isnt something that happens over night….

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Yes! and it will collide with global warming to create a slushy nirvana.really looking forward to it ;)

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Wish those scientists would make up their mind!

So… what’s it going to be, global warming or a new ice age?!?!?!?

Perhaps they will just cancel each other out. In any case, I don’t think that running around screaming “Help! Help! We’re all going to die!” does anything to effect the situation.

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I think i read in Bill Bryson’s book that we are currently in one, and here is what Wikipedia says:
Glaciologically, ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres;[1] by this definition we are still in the ice age that began at the start of the Pleistocene (because the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets still exist). Wiki

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We are currently in an ice age. This is because the south pole is covered by a continent and the north is ringed by land masses, which restricts the flow of warm water from the equator to the poles. During ice ages, there are periods of glacial advance and recession. We are currently in a period of glacial recession known as the Holocene Epoch. It began around 11,000 years ago.

It is not going to end in December.

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@uberbatman LOL, GA. Thats what I was wondering. They got it down to an exact science. I don’t know when that happened. Maybe they consulted a psyhcic, or chicken little or Hollywood or the guys who did War of the World announcement. LMAO
@Otto_King Yeah, I believe the farmer almanac is more accurate than these predictions.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m bringing the lemon/lime syrup!

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As I know, the global warming does lead to a clima change. And that clima change not obvious at all. Global warming could lead to an ice age, if it has an effect on the gulf-stream’s flow for example. I think that’s the earth “natural protection instinct”.

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By the natural progression of our planet, there’s one in our future anyways. Exactly when is anyones guess…. But I’ll need more than one source before I start loading up on blankets.

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@Trillian- I’ll bring meatcake! XD

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Just to clarify for people, global warming would CAUSE an ice age, as backwards as that sounds. The reason being that global warming will melt the polar caps, which in turn will break the gulf stream flow, which brings warm air from the equator up to northern latitudes… making areas like New England and Northern Europe inhabitable despite being at the same latitude as Siberia.

No gulf stream = no warm air = ice age
Global warming = melting ice caps = loss of gulf stream

Make sense now?

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@Otto_King I read several articles on that subject on line. Many scienctist disagree with each other. No surprise there. But some say that we are simply headed for a mini ice age and that it seems to be a normal cycle of our planet. That we have mini ice ages and then warm spells. So if we’ve been through them before than I don’t think it is that big of a deal. It probably is just the way the planet repairs itself.

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@Otto_King , The Day After Tomorrow was just a movie. Not a bad one, but you really have to suspend disbelief to watch it. If the Gulf Stream is disrupted, it can lead to localized changes in Europe, that’s about it. This is probably what happened during the so-called Little Ice Age that ended around 150 years ago.

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@tedd I don’t think you could get any other source if an event like this. At least it’s hard to find. Nobody wants the people to break out in panic and make everyone lose their head. When/if it’s gonna start to happen, then they gonna give some “useful” advice…

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@Ichtheosaurusrex I don’t believe in fairytails anymore, I’m a bit old for that, I’m just curious about people opinion in this topic. I’m not saying that I’m scared of being trapped by the snow and ice in couple of days or hours like in the movie. I just want to know if it’s only me who heard this “news” or is there anyone else who has heard something about it too?

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@Otto_King I’m a chemist and studied a lot of science and even did a project on climate change.

It will NEVER happen like it did in that movie. It will NEVER be overnight, with storms that freeze gasoline in lines. The weather will get colder fast, we’ll see more snow, and progressively colder more snow weather, etc, etc. But keep in mind, the last time there was an ice age (and there’s no reason to believe another would be any worse), man kind survived in caves with nothing but camp fires and animal skins for warmth…. and around the equator it was still pretty damn hot like it is now, and wouldn’t get much colder at all.

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@tedd Thanks Tedd, you should be searchable on Google. :) If I want to google something about this kind of things, only spams comes up and the end of the world stuff. Your answer is the most reasonable one I ever heard about weather change. ;)

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@Otto_King , SciAm doesn’t have anything about it. Just more news about how much warmer the planet is getting, and much of the warming is occurring in the Arctic.

Analysis of ice cores dating back through several periods of glaciation show a distinct relationship between temperature and CO2 levels. If the levels are high enough, we cannot enter a glacial period, even if other factors, viz., the Milankovitch Cycles were in play.

It’s just going to get warmer.

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Yay, oh goody gum drops. I didn’t know no.4 was coming out so soon, he’s my favewit!! :¬D

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Ice ages don’t start overnight..
Movement of the gulf stream won’t lower global temperature but it will make Western Europe colder. Britain will be more like Moscow or Alaska but it certainly won’t be uninhabitable. We’ll just have to suck it up, wear furry hats and stop complaining about the weather.

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Whatever the hell happened to 2012 lol

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You better watch out, you unbelievers. When the ice age comes, it’ll be royally pissed. It’ll hunt you down and suck you up it’s nose, and shit you into hell; an utterly icy hell!

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Oh yeah?! I’ll pull a Xena on its ass with my skepticism!

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And this is supposed to what? Intimidate it?

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And what you said about it is supposed to do the same? I laugh in the face of your Apocalypse.

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Cool! Year round skiing!

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