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What should I name my puppy?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) September 23rd, 2010

This is my brand new puppy!
He’s an eight week old Boston Terrier/Corgi mix. He’s smart, cuddly, and thoughtful. We like two syllable names, old-fashioned names, and names that aren’t distinctly “human” (e.g. Thomas) or “doggy” (e.g. Buddy, Ranger, etc.) Some names we like are Jude, Ari, Asher, Safran, Ely, Emmett, Felix, Simon, Oliver, Julian and Ayden, but we also want more suggestions!

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Earl or Dagnabit. ;)

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He kind of looks like a “Sprout” to me.

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Well he’s part Boston so i’d go with Sox :¬)

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That’s a good looking puppy. How about Scruffles?

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That dog is absolutely adorable!
Since he’s a Boston terrier mix, name him England, or Patriot.

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Can i scratch my first answer? after seeing this adorable puppy, a name hit me between the eyes like a lead balloon…........CUDDLES.

Scratch Obama and name him/her Cuddles.

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I’d say Cinnabon (Cinny) or French Toast (Frenchy). That’s what he looks like to me, color-wise.

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Or name him Brain.
Seriously, I can’t stop looking at that dog.

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Well, you could go…

Ironic: “Tiny” for a bull mastiff, or “Killer” for a chihuahua

Typical: “Blackie”, “Duke”, “Rufus”

Human: “Tony”

WTF: “Shnuggles” “Pookie”

or my personal favourite (and what we do) Obscure Literary Characters: “Bub” (the trained Zombie from Day of the Dead), “Ulthar” (the city in an H.P. Lovecraft story), “Hoss” from Bonanza, “Pliny the Younger” (our plecosthomus)

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Adorable pooch! He has the same pattern and markings of our pet the kids named Ripley as they thought he looked just like Fudge Ripple Ice cream!

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Since he is a bit Boston, i think Pawty is a nice name.

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I would call that little guy, Egg.

Why? I dunno… It just seems like a good name for him.

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@eadinad Aww, he’s cute. I think out of the names you gave…he looks like an Emmett. And, Dutch is nice @JLeslie.
You could also try searching names from other countries or even eras that have something to do with “dog”.
Here’s one for the word dog in many languages.

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I’m looking at the whole…. English/Boston connection….. (the Queen has corgies… you see) So I’m thinking something like….Shawmut…. because that was the name of the area old Boston stood on.

And there is such a lovely ‘Boston English’ thing that is quirky to Boston…. You could call him Fenway…..or Roxbury,

My 6 year old son thinks Rowbert would be a good name.

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Laelaps :) I usually turn to mythology for names.

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Wow! Thanks everyone for your compliments and suggestions! I think he’s adorable too. : ) Keep ‘em coming!

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I like the names Boudreaux or Bandit.

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Call him innocence because that is how he looks.

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He is adorable! Many of the names you’ve already considered seem great. Though I’ve not met him in person, his photo telegraphs the following: Scout; Zoot; Wink; Alvie; Baker; Dulce (Spanish meaning “sweet”); Parker

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Oh, so adorable!

Taz, Tucker, Putter, Eli, and Cooper.

My favorite is Taz! He looks like a Taz! Eli would be my second choice.

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Charlie (or Chaz)

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try to name it a two syllable sound with the last part ending in a vowel. That is a way for the dog to learn her name easily. Like the one in the picture… my Nikki.

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I personally think that this dog deserves an ancestral and elegant name. Something like Rufus of Boston II. You could call him Rufus for short, but when you tell people about him you can really talk him up.

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My Golden Retrievers registered name is

Princess Elisabeth Ann of the (lastname here) clan.

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Buster. Killer. Peanut. He kind of looks like a peanut, but it’s better if you say it with a southern accent. Can I babysit?

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He looks like a Jasper to me! :-/

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I’d call him Trouble.

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Give him a big name. Like Thor. Or Cassius. Sigmund. Olaf. Gunnar. Archibald. Beauregard. Kingston. Livingston. Leopold. Maxwell. Montgomery. Preston. Rutherford. Tennyson.

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How about “Peter Jupiter Shorty High Pockets Geezershorts Senior”? And if that’s too much trouble, call him Geezer.

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He’s adorable.

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Dexter! So cute, makes me wish I had a puppy…

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Spot. I always wanted to open the door, and shout : “Out, damned Spot!”

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@filmfann When I was a kid we had 2 dalmations, and my mother used to shout “Out, damn Spot! Out I say!” when ever they were acting up in the house. Then They would sit and be good.

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@eadinad please give us and update on your new family member when possible. Also, what name did you pick?

more names…Corgie, Tee, Mr T, or Corky!

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Hes probably an adorable pup! I suggest on you naming him James, Ronnie, Silvester, Charlie, Samuel, or something of that sort. Anyways all those names have nicknames.
Jay, Ron, Sal, Charles, and Sam. Hope this helped.

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