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Why do adults pay a premium to enter theme parks?

Asked by mickhock (540points) September 24th, 2010

I overheard a conversation yesterday and found that an adult pays 50% more (in some cases) to enter a theme park than the child.
Should the child price not be the dearer as the days outing is aimed at entertaining the kids?

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It’s entertainment for both th child and the parent. The theme park is in the business to make money, so we pay.

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I wonder if part of it is because an adult has to go with a child or children. They certainly “gotcha” on that count.

In my opinion, anyone with a stroller should pay more. I’m not trying to punish those people, just trying to discourage them from going. Very few children of stroller age are going to enjoy a theme park fully. I’m sure I’ll get bashed for that comment.

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@tedibear Never thought of the strollers. What about charging more for umberella users too?

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@mickhock – I was going to come back to edit and got caught up in work. What I wanted to say was “inconsiderate stroller pushers.” The people who park the stroller in the middle of an exhibit or continually run the stroller into the back of someone’s legs.

As for umbrella users, I don’t know that I’ve had trouble with one. Maybe anyone who is inconsiderate? But I don’t want to hijack this into an “inconsiderate people” thread.

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@tedibear hi, i was just having some fun, no worries, i understand your point.

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Many theme parks are using so-called adult prices as an advertising gimmick – you can now attend at a discount = the children’s price (which has been increased, of course).

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