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Is it expensive to live in Virginia?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) November 19th, 2010

I want to move there in once I’m done with High school and I may be moving in with a roomate.

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Like any state, it all depends upon where you live. Look into taxes before moving, as well as utility costs. If you are looking for a roommate, they can give you an idea of the monthly costs.

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Why the fuck would you want to live here? It’s a black hole of suck.
But @Pied_Pfeffer is right. It depends on the area.. Northern VA is kind of a bitch as far as rent goes.. but southern VA isn’t too bad, as long as you don’t mind college assholes and rednecks.
I say that with the most love possible. I fall into both categories.

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I was thinking around the Arlington/DC area.

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@projectilevomit Traffic is a bitch, and it can be pricey… but it’s doable, I suppose. I’d recommend checking out the DC/NoVA Craigslist to give you an idea.

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The closer you get to DC, the more expensive it will be. That general area is one of the most expensive places to live in the US.

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Very pricey area. Even with a roommate, you probably can’t find anything less than a couple thousand a month and that would be hard to find and probably a dive.

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If you are thinking of the DC metro area, it is very expensive. You have to go about 100 miles away (Manassas) to get reasonable rents.

Arlington is a very expensive suburb of DC. You can do better in some other suburbs.

Check out craigslist Washington DC for some idea of rents. The one plus is that salaries tend to be a little higher here.

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@marinelife Manassas is only about 35 miles from DC..

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Er, I’m sorry, I ment Ashburn. :x

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@projectilevomit We’d almost be neighbors.

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