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After years of searching for it, and not finding it, can you tell me the name of the piece of music i am looking for?

Asked by rebbel (31347points) September 24th, 2010

I’ve searched in Google, using many different search words, been to specialized websites, searched in several top 40 lists of years that i thought it was published, etc.
In it, the band members are introduced by, probably, the band leader.
Like this: “On bass, Dave Smith (made up name)”.
After that you heard a small bass solo.
Several other members were introduced too.
The song was a bit (if i recall right) in the atmosphere of Peter Gunn from Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
I think, not sure at all, that the word show was in the title.
It must have been around ‘85—‘87.

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Curse you @rebbel ! I have that tiny bit stuck in my head now, PLEASE someone answer!

Edit to add: Sorry I couldn’t help…..

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The song is strictly an instrumental?

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I am 90% sure that it is.

Which bit might that be?

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The bass bit that you mentioned, I know the one you mean, it’s just refusing to come forward and be recognized.

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Suggestion removed by me so as not to confuse matters! (I hate it when you read a suggestion, and it’s wrong, but then it’s all you can think about!)

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This is like cracking the frickin enigma code during the war! I know Frankie Goes To Hollywood regularly “introduced themselves” at the beginning of some of their songs. Maybe a 12 inch version. Just an initial thought.

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That sounds promising, @JilltheTooth!
I will stalk you for years to come, if you can’t come up with it soon ;-)

No, it is not, but it is nice, i’m listening to it now, and i can see why you came up with it.
Thank you for trying!

I am sorry, it’s not Frankie either, @ucme, but thanks!

I would like to add that the main band member introduces, besides the bass player, a percusionist, a drummer, a keyboard player and some more.

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Can you remember any of the actual names of the band members who are introduced?

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Nope, i don’t, @diavolobella.
I did search in lyrics sites also, with: “On guitar, .......”, to no avail.

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This doesn’t seem like enough to go on. Many bands introduced their members.

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I don’t know why something is making me think I’ve heard a Dire Straits song like that. But I can’t find it.

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I agree, @janbb, but it made up a big chunk of the whole piece of music, like one third or a quarter.
And it was in the hit lists (as far as i can remember).

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Ah – a little more to go on. I don’t know of any Dires Straits all instrumentals. Couldn’t be “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers Band? I don’t know if they introduced the band in it or not, though.

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Could it be Easy Street by Dire Straits? That had some insrumental sections.

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No, not the Dire Straits or The Allman Brothers Band :-(
Weird thing is too, i never heard it since.
And i don’t have even the melody in my mind anymore, after all these years.
Could be that i am totally disappointed once i find it, but i guess it is just that i want to find it for the sake of finding it.
There is another one that i want desperately to find, but for that one i have even less to go with.
Only that it was a ‘82 underground dance/disco song with the lyrics dtum taka taka dtum and ugge, ugge (think coughing sounds).
You never know if someone recognizes it…

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I know you’ve already dismissed Dire Straits—but I’m gonna bring ‘em back one more time. “Sultans of Swing” has a couple of lines that seem to match the scenario you’ve painted. That song was released in 1977 though—so if your song is really from the mid-eighties, that precludes it. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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No need to apologize, @picante, i am grateful that you took the time to think about it and answer me!
But it is not Sultans of Swing either.

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Sting did a popular song called Shadows in the Rain , and introduced the band in a live version (not the same as the link), where they did that.

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@filmfann and @Brian1946
No, it’s not Sting and not EL&P too.
Thank you both for trying though!

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Did you ever find the answer to this @rebbel ?

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@Stinley No.
Reason why I will try again, after almost seven years.

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