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Good websites to find posters?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) January 22nd, 2009

More specifically, I’m looking for posters of musicians. Are there good general sites out there, or is it better to search by the artist?

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My son got a cool Bob Dylan one on eBay. Otherwise try google I’m sure there will be many options.

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You can do something a little different… Block Posters.

The website turns your image into a bunch of files that can be printed on 8.5’’ x 11’’ sheets of paper. That way, you can sticky-tak it up onto your wall and it can be HUGE. You could do a 4’ x 6’ for something like $10. It’s good for dorm rooms, bedrooms, etc. Really fun to make, too!

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I like the block posters idea, but I’m having trouble finding nice large pictures that I would use for something like that. Suggestions?

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I have a bunch of hi-res images if you have suggestions of what bands you would like. If you’re just looking for something abstract or nature, go to HD Wallpapers. They have a few other categories as well!

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PattyAtHome's avatar has about the largest selection of anyplace. Just be careful when your checking out, make sure to say no to any offers for coupons etc. otherwise you’ll be signing up for monthly billing accounts and end up paying a lot more than you had expected before you figure it out. That isn’t just a problem with the same thing applies anywhere that you order things online.

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