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How productive are you, on non-work days, with doing stuff around your house, car, yard, or working out/exercising?

Asked by jca (35976points) February 1st, 2014

I am always torn on non-work days with enjoying free time vs. wanting to be productive.

How productive are you on your days off, with getting stuff done around the house, car, yard, or exercising?

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If I have a day with nothing planned, then I will do absolutely nothing.

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That is impossible.

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Very. I usually get up on Saturdays ready to go. Laundry, house cleaning, food shopping. Sundays are often “family day” where we do, mostly, whatever my wife and daughter want to do.

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It’s easier to be productive when it’s warm outside. Cleaning the house gets so old!

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Not very. See, here I am on the computer instead of doing any of the stuff waiting for me- all those exciting things like cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, laundry….

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@ccrow I’ll help. I’ll take your place at the computer so you can get that stuff done. You’re welcome. :)

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Aw, you’re so thoughtful!:-D

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In the winter I’m a hibernating sloth. In the summer I’m constantly on the go like an energizer bunny on crank.

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I only have Sundays off right now and I try to not do anything I don’t absolutely have to.
I sleep in til about 8:30–9 and then have a leisurely morning, don’t shower or dress until about noon and then go out for a walk, go to a movie or catch up on a Netflix movie, go see a friend or do something with my daughter.
I clean on Sat. before work like right now. haha
I have laundry going and just cleaned my bathroom.

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I’m productive in getting grocery shopping and laundry done, but that’s about it. My weekends are spent not working out, eating way too many fattening foods, and enjoying time off work.

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I’m a lazy Kat.

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I’m glad I’m not the only lazy winter jelly.
Of course, most of us know who the non-productive on here are – we talk with them all day. lol

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Well, if today is any indication, then not very, lol! In my defense, I am waiting to get my tax refund to purchase a few items for my apartment…until then I am sort of “on hold”, but I always get laundry, dishes, etc. done.

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Today I had no commitments. So I read a book for most of the day and did some school work at a park. I am going to eat now and then play the piano for a few hours after that. I was supposed to go exercise but I didn’t.
I’m starting to be more productive with my “nothing days”, but I still work best when I have a list of things to do. Routines work best with me.

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I put on pants so that I don’t get arrested for indecency when I leave the house. That is about as productive as I get on the weekends.

@livelaughlove21 I bet I ate more fattening foods this weekend than you did. Ever had chicken-fried bacon? Of course, I didn’t find out until after the mozzarella sticks came that, for a couple of extra bucks, they would’ve wrapped those in bacon as well.. so they put extra bacon on the chili-cheese tater tots.

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@jerv Well, I hate a fried egg, bologna, and cheese sandwich for breakfast, followed by a plate full of beef and cheddar taquitos. After that, I downed an Oreo milkshake from DQ. For dinner, we went to Outback, where I had an alcoholic beverage, half of a bloomin’ onion, a 9 oz steak with a sweet potato loaded with cinnamon butter and brown sugar. I topped it off with a piece of carrot cake. Finally, I made a sizable dent in a medium popcorn with extra butter and salt at the movies while I nearly died from boredom during the film Gravity.

For a 5’5” 135 lb girl, I can put it away.

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