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What would you do if you knew your girlfriend was propositioned by a leading professor, or else?

Asked by Garebo (3173points) September 26th, 2010

When they incessantly solicit for money-It makes it so very hard for me to volunteer scholorship money, or any money for this college even with the great times, and education I had. Subconciously, it alway gnaws at me doing it.
This was a while ago, no witnesses, just her recount to me, and the potential consequences which were hers and my lower grade for his class. I was young and naieve, and I was just glad she didn’t go for him, a ‘D’ for both of us and we graduated.
Ironically, she continued with a post graduate in family law.

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How long ago did this happen? And are you saying you would donate money to your school but don’t because of the actions of one professor? It sounds like he propositioned her and she refused. It was certainly unfair if he lowered your grades because of the incident, but still, it might be time to put it behind you and move on.

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At the time? Reported his ass. If he’s still in a position to do this type of thing to others, I’d report him today.

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She should have reported it to the Dean of Student Affairs.

Why are you obsessed with this incident, years later. Yes, the guy was a total jerk. Are you still in a relationship with the same girlfriend? If so, she seems to have moved past it, and it happened to her. You seem surprised that men will leverage authority over someone to get what they want.

If neither of you reported it, you perpetuated the guy’s ability to continue to do this sort of thing. Stop using the single incident as an excuse not to donate to the university. Donate if you feel the education you received has value. If you went to school on scholarships, donate to pay back a little of what you received.

I have to assume that you are fluthering while under the influence. Legal Writing should have enabled you to construct a more cogent paragraph.

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Report him to the authorities.

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I honestly don’t know whether you should report him or not—my gut tells me it’s too late—but regardless, I wish you wouldn’t punish the entire school for what this one jerk did. Education is too important and budgets are too tight.

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My ex lost his Chairmanship for this nonsense and they broke up a year later.
Hope it was worth it ! LOL

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Yeah, the opportunity for her, or me, to report is long gone, unfortunately, it happened many years ago.
I was just reminded of the event after just reading one of the schools email solicitations for money and thought it deserved a question, and yes I still donate therefore the solicitations and no I haven’t talked or seen her for many years nor do I care if I ever do.
I was just curious to hear of any similar events and if they chose to prosecute, or ever successfully had a professor disciplined.

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I suppose losing the Chair position could be called “disciplined” but he wasn’t fired. The decision was or appeared to have been made by his colleagues who informed him they thought he was “too busy with other things” to continue being Chairman.
I’m not laughing about it . I’ve been over that situation for many years and have moved on as I suggest for you, too.

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