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I'm VERY depressed, and have Epilepsy. Could that cause me to have a seizure, and if so, how can I fix it?

Asked by GracieT (7393points) September 26th, 2010

I was severely head injured in 1992. As a result I have seizures. I now am extremely depressed. Even though I am on anti-seizure meds, is this likely to cause seizures? If so, how do I fix this?
Thank you for any help you can give me!

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This is definitely a question for your doctor.

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Have you talked to your doctor about your depression? Both in terms of treating the depression, and whether or not it has any implications for your epilepsy, this is an important conversation to have.

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You can’t reduce them completely through behavior modification, but you can reduce the likelihood. An important thing to do is to get plenty of sleep and to eat regular meals. Seizures can happen with more frequency if you get overly tired and are run-down. Also, avoid looking at flashing lights – strobe lights, police lights, movies or television shows that have rapidly changing lighting effects can also trigger a seizure.

Make sure you stay on top of taking your medications, and let your doctor know of any changes. If you seem to being having seizures with more frequency, you may need a med change.

My daughter’s best friend all through high school was epileptic. My sister had seizures from age 8 through age 28, and then they stopped.

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Everyone has different triggers for seizures, since epilepsy is not specific to a single part of the brain in all patients. One of my clients I look after has a seizure if she gets slightly too cold after a shower, while a friend who has epilepsy has a seizure on average once every 2–3 years with no identifiable trigger because it is well controlled by medication.

This question is very specific to your case, so it is something that your doctor should be dealing with. S/he may even refer you to a neurologist for closer management of your medication. The best thing for you to do until you have seen your doctor is to relax, since stress and anxiety can often be triggers for seizures.

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This really isn’t a question for the internet, medical matters should ALWAYS be brought to the attention of your doctor before anyone else. Go to an HMO if necessary.

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I have a friend that pretty well fits what your describe and he often deals with anxiety and extra stress/depression. I think having to limit his activities and worry about how he will perform at certain tasks is a huge part of what causes the depression. I wish you the best of luck!

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According to this ABC News article, it can:

”“When her parents sent her a letter rejecting her, she suddenly had a seizure in our house,” said her husband, 47-year-old John Smith (not his real name), said. ”

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I take anti-seizure medication and one of the side effects can be depression. I would contact my doctor as soon as possible if I were you.

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Definitely discuss this with your doctor. I take an anti-seizure medication not for seizures but for depression. It works quite well for me. However, you still need to talk to your prescribing physician. If he/she doesn’t have the answer, ask for a referral to someone who does.

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Yes. How about therapy?

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The depression can be caused by your medications, or if you’ve had a lot of seizures, it can be from the actual seizures (seizures kill brain cells, so its never a ok thing). But if you had a frontal lobe injury, it could affect your personality as well. Or it can simply be depression from being ill.
As already suggested. Talk to your doctor. There are too many possibilities.
But to answer your question. Yes.
Depression can cause stress and lack of rest that will spiral you back to more stress and lack of rest.
You need proper rest, and to minimize stress levels and eat well and try to maintain a healthy body.
Stress will also cause you to feel depressed. If you are stressed about when or where a seizure may hit you than you will only make the possibility of it happening, happen.
This may sound simple. But only worry about the things you can control. And don’t freak out about the things you have no control over.
I use to have epilepsy and my life changed when I accepted the fact that control is an illusion.
No one has any real control over their daily lives. We all live on borrowed time. So enjoy now and treat your body well and don’t take your health for granted.
Do what you can to help yourself by talking to your doctor and seeing if anything needs to be changed. Then just live everyday like you own it and it doesn’t own you and discard worry over the things you have no domain over.

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