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What makes you happy?

Asked by MadiFC (73points) September 26th, 2010

Out of everything in the world, what makes you the happiest? I’m curioius because the other day I wrote a list of my favorite things/things that make me happy, and I was wondering what made you all happiest.

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Having a warm bed to go to at night.


Good food.
My hobbies.
Being with my family.
Time off from work (vacations, days off)
Buying things I want and like (and not because I “need” them——eg., gas for my car——yeech.)
Good lovin’ (wink)
Great weather and nature.
My Akita doggy.

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Being outdoors,creating artwork,and great sex ;)

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Not hungry tummy.
Sleeping in with no alarm, cuddled up in another’s arms.
Someone reaching for my hand to hold it, just because.
Being given flowers and told I’m an amazing asset to another’s life.
My dog going pee only outside.
No catbox smell inside my house.
My mom screaming bloody murder on rollercoasters at Disneyland.
My best friend’s humor and how he brings out the ‘tard in me.
Trash talking with one of my gal pals.
The beauty and artistry of another friend.

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Being outdoors,creating artwork,and great sex ;)
Still like it, @MRSHINYSHOES? :-)

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Xena, Final Fantasy Tactics and beer.

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Listening to good classical music, being with my boyfriend, being with my friends, traveling, eating good food, being in downtown SF, whiskers on kittens, warm woolen mittens, etc. Those are just a few of my favorite things…

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A good roller coaster, tumbling, singing, feeling good

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sadly enough i would have to say math. no matter what my mood i love to do math and it just gives me a simple joy.

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@weeveeship Me too, at least that’s one of the things I really appreciate and makes me happy. Sometimes I will come home on a very cold winter day or night and actually kiss my house when I get inside. I know that sounds so crazy but I am that grateful on days like that to be able to come home to a warm house that is mine. Sometimes it is the simple things.

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@whothei0 I don’t think that’s so sad. I mentioned on another thread tonight that my mom was a mathematician and she always lamented that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t or wouldn’t ever understand what a joy math was, at least that’s the way she felt about it. I think it brought her a lot of comfort too. In a world that can be so harsh and reckless and unpredictable, sometimes turning all your years of plans and dreams and expectations upside down, I think she loved, and found comforting, the precision and the solidness and the reliability of mathematics.

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@lillycoyote I’m just saying because it isn’t the classic hot chocolate or book, but the subject that 4 out of 10 Americans hate gives me joy. just could seem odd to other and rather sad that a subject could give a person joy.

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@whothei0 Well, as I said, I’m at least one person who doesn’t think it’s sad. And, if something brings you joy how can that be sad?

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@lillycoyote ah i see the oxymoron now lol

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The whole Christmas spirit thing every year (lights, trees, songs, fire, snow ..etc).


@rebbel Um….er…….um….nnn, nnn…no, not really! (lol….argh.)

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HE makes me happy…..

Seeing other people happy does it too… I am easy pleased!

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My kids
My wife
Life itself

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When my family is happy and content I am. My bills are all paid and I have a little spending money.

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Playing my guitar while having great sex! ;)

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@Cruiser That certainly sounds great for you but how does your partner feel about having to compete with a guitar during sex? Or are you just so tremendously awesome that it’s never an issue?

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@lillycoyote She is the one always requesting an encore! ;)

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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