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Which brand of diamond jewellery has the best collection?

Asked by divya20 (19points) September 27th, 2010

Which brand of diamond jewellery has the best collection?

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The best diamond jewelry doesn’t come in “brands.” Find a reputable local jeweler, purchase a stone, then choose a setting.

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You will never get the cash you put into a diamond out of it. Buy it because you think it is pretty and your kids will fight over it. DeBeers has stockpiled diamonds for a long time. They actually created the wedding ring thing. (it isn’t in the bible). It was a advertising campaign. If DeBeers actually released all the diamonds they have into the market their value would be about 5 dollars per caret.

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Harry Winston certainly knew how to peddle diamonds.

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The wedding ring actually dates back as far as ancient Egypt.

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@diavolobella But the diamond part is new.

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