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If you could live in any environment on earth, where would you live?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) September 27th, 2010

If politics, money, and religion did not matter ..where would you live? I guess what I’m looking for is what type of physical environment(s) people enjoy.
Some examples: city, small town, beach, mountain, ranch, on the ocean ..etc.

I love mountains and water…so living in the mountains beside or on a crystal clean lake would be my dream I guess. Although, living under water would be neat too lol.

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New York City. Or right outside of NYC in a NJ suburb. I like people, I like large populations, and I like cities.

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On farm…. Grow my own vegies, and ride horses. Have duck, pig, and cow, and chicken I am all set.

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I understand that New Zealand has a bit of everything, and is incredibly beautiful. I’d love to live halfway up a mountain overlooking the ocean on one side and a fresh water lake on the other.

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@wundayatta Yes, I was even going to mention New Zealand before lol. Looks beautiful there :)

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The beach.

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About 5 miles from where I do now. On a bluff overlooking the river.

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Alaska. so beautiful for six months, dark and cold for the other 6.

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Where ever there is water. Like @WestRiverrat on a bluff but overlooking an ocean.

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A city, in a climate where the temperature is no less than 65F in the winter and no more than 95F in the summer. I don’t think such a place exists on this planet.

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I’ve never been out of the US territories except for Canada but I really like the Northern Calfornia mountain towns that overlook the ocean. There is sun and temps that rarely exceed the 80’s.

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@downtide South Africa would be as close as you can get….

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I really love where i’m at…

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The Pacific Northwest. And, because we own ten acres there, someday I will live there!

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A pretty cottage in a quiet village in Ireland. Away from big cities. Like on the coast, maybe a fishing village or something.

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Up in the mountains too, surrounded by woodland & the odd lake or two…. :-/

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Hawaii or the coast of Queensland AU

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Hmmm…for me it would be a small peaceful town where everyone knew each other and nature looks beautiful (really green grass, not too many trees but not a field, a crystal clear river). There’s probably thousands of places like this so its good to think this could happen one day.

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My favorite climate will always be a temperate one because I love the change of seasons (especially falltime). I would be willing to try living in a cooler climate (maybe Alaska or Canada) because I prefer cooler weather. I would be willing to try living in a desert type climate as well because of the lower humidity and cool nights. I would have to see which I would prefer first.

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@YARNLADY – we looked at property here this morning and I thought of you!

New Zealand is beautiful but cold and rainy a lot of the year. I would find that depressing, I like SUNSHINE!

I love it right where I am in tropical Australia, it is a shame though that so many beaches are as the one pictured. It kills me not to be able to go running in!

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@rooeytoo I know you would know more than me here since you live down that way but I always imagined New Zealand having a warmer climate because I assumed it is close to the Tropic of Capricorn. From what you described of New Zealand it sounds more like Seattle.

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@Jabe73 – yep like Seattle only colder. If you look at google earth you will see it is off the coast of the very southern end of Australia, and out in the middle of the ocean where it gets the winds straight off Anartica! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, reminds me of Pa. in the winter, but summers are fantastic, just too short according to most I know who live there.

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Right by the ocean. As my user name implies: I love tranquil seas and tempestuous seas. I can sit for hours by the ocean.

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I love Scotland so much because there are large bodies of water surrounded by mountains. That is my ideal enviroment.

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@Leanne1986 someday, “the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” I will see Scotland and Ireland. My family came from there. Also, want to play the old golf courses, Troon, St. Andrews, etc….. also, want to see England.

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New Zealand is cool place to live. Beaches, forests, mountains, great cities and towns, and to top it all off, only a population of about 4 million

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Floating city. Also, it can go under water.

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@BoBo1946 I really hope you do. I can’t explain the love I have for Scotland once you get through Glasgow (west) and into the Highlands.

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@Leanne1986 oh, i’ve seen the pictures. Oh my gosh, was of the most beautiful areas in the World. I’m going to do it if not providentially hindered.

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@BoBo1946 Be sure to post pictures when you do. I can’t get enough of the place!!!

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@rooeytoo One thing that would worry me about where you live is all those venomous critters that inhabit your neck of the woods. You have them dangerous spiders, the world’s most venomous snakes (that make rattlesnakes venom seem like candy), stonefish, seawasps and many others. If I lived down your way I would seriously put a “cap” on my boots with a lock on them. lol

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Japan. I am obsessed with Japan. I think I would live in the city of Yokohama. I love Japan because it’s so versatile, with cities that look like they came out of 2138, to beautiful gardens.
New York City is my second choice, but not inferior to Japan. I love NYC. I was born there, and I wished we never moved.

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