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Were our country might be headed?

Asked by brice0825 (36points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

with all the issues of our country these days its hard to know were our country is headed? For better world or worse? With the war and economy and the up comeing election and all kinds of issues that are going on it makes it hard to see clearly through all of it. But its not hard to see that our country is changing . People do not have the same values as people before them. Less and less people are wanting to fight for our country and protect and stand for each other. For some reason we do not show nationalism often any more. When 9/11 happened it brought our country together but for a short time.. People knew we had been attacked and they wanted justice . Just like we did… For a while. We started a war ended a regime that was killing thousands of people. We ellected a presedent and now people go back against him. Like Hillary Clinton voted for the war(which was good) but doesnt like the way it was handeled. Since when did she become an expert on the war? People say they dont like the way things are going over there but its a war! During ww2 people were glad go save supplies so we would have enough for the war. Magizenes ad newspapers would not dare point out weak points in our nation. Kids would go out and collect cans to sell and buy war bonds to fund the war . I heard someone say that when Bush went to war his only mistake was thinking this country was the same as presidents before him. A good quote I heard is ” the troops are at war.. America is at the mall” . This country is agreat place to live and its up to the people to keep it that way. That means people need to step up and take responsibility . More than ever now is when we need to hold together and stand strong to keep our country on top. To keep it from crumbling around us

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I think that the economy is going to “crash”, and since people don’t understand that the reason why it is crashing is because a small handful of people control the value of our money. Since the dollar will be worthless, and people will not be able to buy anything, they will ask for the government, the same government that caused the problem, to help fix the problem. The government will merge with Mexico and Canda, via the “Security and Prosperity Partnership, losing all American sovereignty, and all freedom and liberty will still think we have. We will all become total corporate slaves. But since we are getting “paid”, it is not slavery.

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I think this country (me included unfortunately) has been caught up with instant gratification. We want results right now and when we don’t see results we get angry and impatient. We blame the government of the current man that represents it.

As far as the housing market goes, people want the government to bail them out, but what does that teach us? It teaches that we don’t need to be responsible for the messes we get ourselves in and can rely on the government to help us get out without a mark against us.

All in all, people would rather blame everyone else for their own problems and not do anything to help progress past the said problem.

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@The DeadWake,
Yep! When we abdicate all responsibility to the government, we relinguish the power inherent within us all to solve our own challenges, and in the process, the challenges we face as a collective body.
I believe when we take accountability of our lives, we create a ripple effect of a collective growth. I know it may sound corny, stupid an illogical or unreasonable, but I have seen it manifest on a smaller scale.
So to answer the question posted, if we continue the path we are on, we are slowly headed to a form of socialism and giving power to government, or other big entities, like business, unions included, that work in conjunction with each other to perpetuate their own power, and we give away more and more control.

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I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re traveling by hand-basket.

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Don’t know where, but obviously on a downward spiral when it comes to the English department.

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Great answer MCW, heavy on the grammer being AWOL. PS. Went to PO yesterday.

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Maybe if we’re going to go to war, we should actually declare it.

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