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What's Utopia (in your mind at least)

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 1st, 2010

This was inspired by an answer to a question of mine, and i thought I’d ask you guys what your idea of Utopia was. Or what it’s supposed to be

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Everything beautiful, peaceful and the ultimate in learning experiences. Great health and all good, natural food plentiful.

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A world where everyone respected one another. Would be nice for everyone to love each other, but being a realist, neither is going to happen.

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A complete socialist takeover with Obama as the dictator lol….

Everything would be green, and everyone would be a hippie lol. And I’m serious about that one.

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Laying on the beaches of Hawaii with a Island Iced Tea in my hand.

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Everybody is dead.

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@Blackberry Green in what sense? Ecofriendly? or Forestlike?

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What we are living now.

Anything else is make believe and fantasy.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Oh, I meant forest-like.

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Everyone recycles and uses everything to the very last, nothing is wasted. Everyone rides their bike to work, and wears vintage clothes – their is no fashion. There is no advertising. Everything that we buy or eat is healthy and good for us. The highest paid people are, in no particular order; doctors, nurses, guards, and teachers, because they are the people that keep society civilised and working. There is no Rhiana or diet coke. Basicly a society that is sustainable and happy. Thats my utopia.

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@lemming what do you mean no fashion? or what do you mean everyone wears vintage clothes

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The manufacturing and disposing of clothes and fabrics is really bad for the environment. There’s no fashion – I mean people aren’t running around copying each other in how they dress, or feeling like a complete fool when they are wearing something that is not ‘in’ anymore. It’s pointless and it has it’s roots in this being a capitalist society, where everything is all right as long as we’re buying, buying, buying.

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You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.

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A place where people can love freely whoever they want, form families however they like and express their gender identity in any way they see fit.

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An unattainable fallacy.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I hope you don’t mean love as in sex. Adults having love with children is abhorrent.

A society where everyone acts responsibly in their own best interest.

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@YARNLADY I mean love as in love but I’d say the same for sex (between consenting adults) – I don’t think I ever gave anyone the impression that I condone sex with children.

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