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What song can you listen to over and over and never get tired of it?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 2nd, 2010

I have about 5 I can put on repeat for hours.

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Follow me by uncle kracker
waiting on the world to change by John Mayor
if everyone cared by nickel back
far away by nickel back
through the glass by the fray

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@noelleptc Ooh, you miserable old bugger!

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Anything sung by Louis Armstrong or played by Artie Shaw.

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@noelleptc Yeah I was being ironic, you know, joking…..sheesh!

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I don’t think I could listen to the same songs on repeat for hours. I have a music library of over 7000 songs and that is a good amount, for me, to go through.

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I have a thing for St. James Infirmary. Fortunately it has been recorded many times. It’s gotten to the point that I’m also collecting songs that pay homage to it like Bob Dylan’s Blind Willie McTell and Chittlin’ Cookin Time in Cheatham County and variants of it’s cousin The Streets of Laredo.

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Rocks on the Road, Jethro Tull

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Samuel Barber’s Adagio

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The song of Life.
Any actual song, played over and over and over and over again, would eventually drive you nuts. No matter how good it was.

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We Rise Again by the Rankins. Cookie Rankin has the voice of an angel. Sorry the video is a little scratchy.

Bells by the Rankins.

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@noelleptc, I am with you on 1979, I can listen to that song for quite a time…other than that:
The Mesopotamians- They Might be Giants
Gone for Good- The Shins
Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
With a Little Help from My Friends- The Beatles

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Just about any song Walter Jackson sings. And I do.

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@noelleptc it is! I first heard it on the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto, and I decided to find out more about it and Smashing Pumpkins. I haven’t looked back since

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@noelleptc I hear you, haha. I only got into Smashing Pumpkins a handful of months ago, and I have to say their just fantastic. I only wish I’d started listening sooner, lol

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Creep. Radiohead.

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Production decisions.

Also, Loud

Shockingly loud. I mean literally: fucking frightening loud. Songs like this as high as you can go. Soul-imbibing volume. Transcendent!

With a super clean sound system with extra ordinary headroom and dynamic range it’s actually hard to tell the volume because there is so little extra distortion. What most people presume is “loud” is actually additional distortion. With a great sound system you don’t realize the volume until you try to say something and can’t even hear yourself speak. Not unlike skindiving in ultra clear water: you can occasionally get frightened that you are hovering 60 feet above the ground in thin-air. A super clean sound system can get so comfortably loud that it becomes frightening.

Loud engages different areas of the brain.

…Listening to music for entirely different reasons.

Slayer (“dying eyes” ... “flying free”)
Meshugga (“beckon my soul”)
Metallica (“blackened roar, massive roar”)
Iron Maiden (“strange illusion”)
AC-DC (“her all Venus with arms”)

Over, and over, and over, and over. Endless.

Since the beginning; till the end.

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Desert Sessions- I wanna Make it Wit Chu Laid-back and bluesy with smooth, sexy vocals by Josh Homme and PJ Harvey. Their other Desert Sessions collaborations are also great.
Broken Bells- Vaporize Everything by Broken Bells is melodic, easy on the ears, and a little trippy, but I think this track is the catchiest of the album.
Royksopp- Sparks It lulls you to sleep, but in a good way. Very peaceful and dreamy.
Sonic Youth-Pink Stream I love the structure of the song and the interplay of the guitars.

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Kashmir the most epic instrumental cover of all time

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Rocket. Smashing Pumpkins. Listening to it now. In almost every other song I’ve ever heard there are minor annoyances, even in the songs I love. A too long guitar solo here, or a silly lyric there. Rocket has none of that. It is the song I’d myself write if I were burdened with ungodly talent and had access to a time machine.

“I miss me. I miss everything…I’ll never be”

Even after hearing this song in it’s entirety what must be upwards of 5,000 times, that line still gives me an eargasm every time. Even if I just had one 4:07 ago. And 8:14 ago. And so on.

John Mayer’s No Such Thing isn’t bad either. I can do that for an hour or so before I feel the urge to mix it up.

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Aston Martin music—Rick Ross

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It changes with my mood…. Sometimes it’s rap and sometimes it’s dubstep… Sometimes it’s classical. But as of recent, it has been How to be Dead, The Winter and Palm of Your Hand, You Won’t Know, and this wonderful dubstep.

I miss the people I once had. Hope Fluther likes some of my more controversial picks.

@lov3xDrnk -Good choice. :>

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