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Any ideas where I might find photos or video footage, or even storyline of a hilarious past incident?

Asked by anartist (14779points) October 3rd, 2010

During a parade in honor of a visit by Japanese Emperor Akihito to England in May 1998, the Queen’s Royal Scottish Guard briefly bared their backsides in a well-orchestrated mooning to protest his lack of response to the atrocities inflicted upon UK citizens during WWII. I saw video of this briefly on the news in 1998 and could never find it again. Any suggestions where I could find imagery,story? It seems to have disappeared completely.

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found nothing ={

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Now @anartist , are you sure that you’re not confusing this with a dream that you had or anything?

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it’s been a long time and i am beginning to wonder.
I was not watching television actively. I just sort of glanced at it as I was doing something else and it was only there for a second or two. I could not believe it. But perhaps what I saw was a news report of a British comedy skit in response to the visit or something but I remember it looking just like news footage, sort of wide scope with people about and not studio-ish. Well maybe it was as @lloydbird says, a baby spider in a pram and maybe I was dreaming . . .

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However, I do think the Queen would clean up quickly after an embarrassment to the country and the crown.

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