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Why is my bellybutton sore?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) October 3rd, 2010

I’m pregnant and its just now starting to poke out a little, why is it sore?

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Probably because of the person growing inside you.

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@bob_ Is it normal for my bellybutton to hurt though? Haha.

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@Mom2BDec2010 Yes.

If it hurts too much, you should tell your doctor about it.

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If you are really concerned about anything during pregnancy it is best to talk with your OB. But belly button pain can be very normal during pregnancy. Seriously though, stop touching it.

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It’s being stretched, and it’s not used to it.

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Yeah mine hurt at first around the second semester. It’s probably just cause it’s stretching @RedPowerLady is right though talk to your OB anytime you’ve got a question no matter how small.

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