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Got milk? Is It fresh?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) October 4th, 2010

As a child, my parents always made sure that my brother and i had plenty of milk to drink. As a parent, i carried on that tradition for my children, except in a few cases. Many times i have purchased milk and it would not last until the expiration date, stamped on its carton. Why was this? This only occured at one particular store chain, in which the milk was purchased. It was the stores brand of milk, not the brand name. Question: Who’s fault was it for the bad milk? The Store, the milk producer, or the cow?

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I found that after I started buying organic milk, it would keep for a long period of time and still be fresh. I’m talking weeks, and it’s still good. I buy the Horizon brand, 2%, the one with the smiling cow on the box. I could probably drink skim, but 2% is a habit. The other thing is that the milk seems to taste richer. The Horizon whole milk is more like half and half in the store brand, the 2% tastes like whole milk.

I think it’s probably because it’s in a paper carton, and not exposed to light, like in a plastic container.

If you had problems with one particular store, the problem is most likely that they are not storing their milk at a proper temperature. I would say the fault for bad milk lies either with the type of packaging, or the storage temperature – in your refrigerator, at the store, or at the milk processor. Probably not the producer or the cow.

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BarnacleBill.thanks. this has happened time and time again. i thought maybe they were leaving the delivered milk on their dock too long, before storing it in their fridge. they stated this was not the case. anyway, i changed brands and the problem ended. jon

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I agree with Bill. And definitely not the cow’s fault. :) I don’t buy fresh milk though, because as far as i remember, it doesn’t last as long as the long life milk that i buy. We drink far too little milk to use up a litre or 2 before it would expire. It’s probably not the best choice in milk (probably got some sort of preservative or crap in it), but it’s the most economical at this point.

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I get the lactose free milk, it lasts for a very long time.

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It’s definitely the store, and their handling and storage methods.

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My guess is the store didn’t keep its refrigerators cold enough.

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If you can call it milk, yeah. (I have to drink skim). Milk never stays in the jug long enough to make it to the exp. date, so I have no idea. ^_^

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yeah, blame the cow. sure.

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I have to drink skim milk, but the rest of my family drinks 2%. We have trouble keeping it, it is always gone before the “sell by” date. I was raised on a farm and had truly fresh milk to drink, I really miss that.

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Get the UHT milk. That’ll keep for months, until you open it.

@BarnacleBill Check the packaging. I’ve heard that most organic milk is in fact UHT, packaged in such a way that it appears to be regular milk. Apparently, people Stateside were unnerved at the idea of milk not sitting in a refrigerator, so the change was made for marketing purposes.

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….Is It fresh?

Wish I lived closer to the in-laws who have a dairy.
The milk right out of the chiller is the best. Cold, thick and rich.
I’m thirsty…

Road trip…

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