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What experience have you had while donating blood at the Red Cross?

Asked by SmoothEmeraldOasis (806points) October 4th, 2010

I have had both types of experiences, in the begining felt like time went too slow and then on the Fourth of July this year, I just sailed through the whole process…they used a hand heating system and it also did not hurt like in the past.

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I have only had good experiences. I think I’ve given blood with them 5 or 6 times. It has always been painless (except for that damn finger prick. I hate that part), the nurses have been mostly friendly, and blood FLIES out of my body so it never takes long at all.

Funny you asked this question, I was just looking up blood drives before I came on Fluther, heh

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I am a gallon plus donor. I have always only had good experiences.

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I’ve given blood once. It took them several attempts to get the needle in (I have veins that move, apparently) and it kept coming out of position. They managed to get a half pint in an hour and gave up. When I stood up, I fainted. They advised me not to try again.

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I was a three-gallon donor before I started making regular trips to Europe, and spent enough time there to blackball my blood (to coin a phrase). I never had a ‘bad’ experience, but some of the snacks they serve afterward made me think that I should bring my own sandwiches and cookies. And when they asked me what I would like to drink afterward they always thought I was joking when I said, “Gin & tonic with extra lime, please.”

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Great experiences—gave over 8 gallons in ten years, before I had cancer. That was twenty five years ago.

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I have had better experiences at the San Diego Blood Bank than the Red Cross. The people drawing blood just seem better at it. I am a regular donor and it’s always been quick, easy, and relatively pain-free.

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I’ve donated blood many, many times. There was only once that I had a problem. They had to poke me 3 times before they could get it in. I had started to go into shock. That was years ago though.

Recently I’ve had no problems besides going a tad anaemic. I guess I’ll have to skip every other potential donation.

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I’ve given blood many times, but always at the Blood Bank of Delmarva. I’ve always had good experiences and always look forward to doing it. I’m not really sure how much I have given, but for about 3 years, I was giving blood every 56 days, so it’s been quite a bit.

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The people at the Red Cross were great. The cookies and juice were marvelous. I never experienced any pain. If I could quit passing out when I give blood or get an IV, I would give it a 100%.

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I just wanted to say how thankful I am to everyone who donates blood. A friend of mine nearly lost her mother to blood loss when she she was quite young. She often mentions how she owes the kindness of strangers for donating. I would donate in a heartbeat if I didn’t faint whenever I have blood drawn.

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Unfortunately I have only donated blood a handful of times. I wish I could do it as often as you are allowed. The reason I had to stop doing it was because I threw up and got so lightheaded that I almost fell down. After the 4th time (I waited the correct amount of times in between donations) they told me that I probably shouldn’t donate blood anymore and that I could still help by donating money : (

Not sure if being a vegetarian had anything to do with this because all of my annual checkups and blood work haven’t suggested anything like anemia or anything, so I’m not really sure what the problem is.

On the other hand, I had very good experiences when I did donate blood. It didn’t hurt and didn’t seem boring and they gave me orange juice and donuts afterwards. All of the technicians were very nice too. They just didn’t want me to barf or fall down in their facility. So I’m left to help in “other” ways.

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I tried to donate once and they hit a nerve. Not only did they not get enough blood, but my arm was in terrible pain and not usable for hours. I went back to them to ask what I should do and they were clueless. I had to make a doctor appointment and wasn’t able to work for the rest of the day (my job required use of my arm). It was quite unpleasant.

I was so incredibly disappointed because I’m a major fan of donating blood.

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I don’t donate blood, but I work with the Blood Bank as a volunteer to help other people do it.

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I get tattoos pretty consistently so can never donate blood…aside from the fact that I find the archaic practice of not accepting ‘homosexual blood’ abhorrent but appreciate people who do donate.

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I try to donate regularly, but most the time I’m anemic. Bah.

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“Not sure if being a vegetarian had anything to do with this.”

Probably not. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and, other than being turned away once or twice for low iron, it’s never been an issue.

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