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Is there software that's free and will record what I'm doing on the computer?

Asked by mathwhiz1 (264points) October 4th, 2010

I want to record the video and audio of what I am doing in one of my computer games. Is there an option to record the audio that comes from the speakers? All I am finding is software that records audio from the microphone.

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Xfire has this featre, as does fraps.

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Here are a couple of freeware programsthat allow you to record audio from your sound card, the audio that comes out of your speakers.

MP3myMP3 Recorder 3.0


You didn’t mention what kind of computer you have. The above are for PCs. I don’t know of any for the Mac but I’m sure there are some.

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AutoHotKey has a ‘record’ function that will record keystrokes and mouse clicks. It’s mostly intended for recording / creating keyboard macros to automate repetitive tasks, though. I don’t know how well it would handle ‘game’ type inputs. But it’s free, so on that basis it’s worth a try, maybe.


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@mathwhiz1 wants to capture game footage with audio. It’s very unlikely that they use a Mac or Linux, IMO (although it is possible).

None of the programs posted above (except fraps and xfire) will record the two together. They don’t do screencasting.

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CamStudio is free and works great!

@the100thmonkey I record GTA San Andreas gameplay all the time on my Macbook with Snow Leopard. No bootcamp!

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@Vortico although it is possible.

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@Vortico Woot woot Cider Ports. That’s a really easy game to port.

As @the100thmonkey said, though, I second Fraps. The best screen recording software for games, and it doesn’t affect your framerate at all.

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