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Any Jellies also a Kid Cudi Fan?

Asked by Serevaetse (770points) October 5th, 2010

I loooove- am OBSESSED with- Kid Cudi.

I wanna know if anybody else is as well?

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I think hes pretty good.

But its all about lil wayne and young money for me =/

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Dammmn- haha well he is ok, also.

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When he released day N nite before he got signed back in 2008, I thought it was fire. Like no one knew who he was, and I remember DJ’s would be playin that song in the club. But then like the next year when he signed everyone was playin it haha.

I will admit his new song Pursuit Of Happiness is the jam =D

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I like Day ‘n’ Nite, but haven’t heard anything else from him that I like. What are your favorite songs @Serevaetse?

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Kid Cudi is good but he only has one sound. If you are digging on Cudi then you should check out DJ Format, Abdominal and D-Sisive.

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????? :-/ never heard of em?

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@wgallios , YOUNG MONEY FAN HERE!<3 Lil Wayne – weezy haters can hate but I still <3 him!

@Serevaetse , I like him too, am a music junkie.
Especially when it comes to rap/hip-hop, pop, hardstyle, (lil wayne rap + lil wayne rock)
Techno and just all songs that make me wanna dance.

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Wow!! how big are his feet?? ;-/
I’ll check him out, thanks ;-)

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Helllll yeah!

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I first saw Kid Cudi about a year ago when he opened up for Ratatat. He put on a great show and I kinda fell in love with him since then. I actually have Man on the Moon on my playlist for my radio show tonight :P

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@judochop you can find a link on my profile page. Show is every tuesday night from 10pm-12am EST.

If ya end up tunin in shoot me a PM and let me know what ya think. The show is called Eclectica so I cover a very very wide array of music, hopefully you’ll hear something new that tickles your fancy :P

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@Uberbatman ohhh man- Man on The Moon is one of my favorites (: and Erase Me is going to become very popular, I can just tell.

@enrichw1504 I honestly don’t know if I have a favorite, because I love them all sooo much! Up, Up and Away is good, Pursuit of Happiness is great, Erase Me, Man on the Moon, Higher Up, etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on haha

Everyone else Who Likes Him; YAY! haha and those of you who haven’t heard of him, I hope you find a new favorite (:

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Kid Cudi is awesome! My personal favorite would have to be Soundtrack to My Life!

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