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If you could change one thing about your hair what would it be?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 8th, 2010

Would you change the color of it, the texture? Just wondering…

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The colour.

I’m a red-head at heart. Always have been.

I’m planning on dyeing it with henna, as soon as I can get my hands on some. It’s pricey, but it’s exactly the colour I want, and it’s actually good for your hair, unlike most dyes.

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Henna? Is that black dye?

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There would be more of it. My hair is very fine like corn silk.

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The texture, my hair is limp.

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Henna is a plant that is used for mehandi, for temporary tattoos, and can also be used for dyeing hair various shades of red, depending on the lawsone content of the plant.

Lucille Ball is one example of a famous blonde-gone-hennaed redhead. I’m hoping for slightly darker than her hair in that picture. Exporting was weird in those days – I have a feeling she wasn’t getting very good quality henna.

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I wish my hair would stop growing and stay in the same, clean-cut haircut lol. I also wish it was softer and less coarse.

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Although, @Blackberry, the faster your hair grows, the healthier you are, usually…

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I’d change the fact that the natural part in my hair extends further than most. Most people’s part ends on the top of their head, while mine extends onto the back of my head. The problem with that is that it can make it look like I have a bald spot. Other than that, I really like my hair. It’s very long, dark brown, baby fine, silky and very straight, but it takes a curl pretty decently when I want it to. It’s silky enough that people tend to want to play with it, which can be a little disconcerting if they don’t ask or I don’t know them well.

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Like @marinelife, I’d choose to have more hair on my head. It’s fine textured and very naturally dark which I like but there’s not enough quantity for it to lay down nicely without a lot of goo going onto it first. I’d also choose for it to be straight instead of naturally wavy/cowlicky.

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I have no idea. I have that sort of hair that I could never figure out what to do with. So, around 15 years ago I decided to take a “screw it” attitude and started tying it back in a pony tail.

Most of it hangs down my back neatly tucked into my shirt so that from the front I look fairly respectable. Of course, in the future should it ever begin to look like a comb over, out comes the razor.

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My hair is wispy thin….but I still have it and none of it is grey so I will not complain.

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I’d have much thicker hair.

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I’d have more of it and it would be thicker.

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I’d want it to be all grey or nothing at all.

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The only thing I can think of is I wish it were naturally curly. It does have some natural curl and wave to it but not nearly enough.

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The colour. I’ve long wished it was ginger.

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I’d want it longer faster – I’m growing it out again but it’ll take a bit to reach my butt like when I was a teenager.

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It’d be great if it was less fragile and easier to manage.

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I would love if my hair had more shine. If I could curl it every once and awhile that would be nice too.

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Natural highlights would be awesome! Having to pay over $100 to sit in a salon for almost 2 hours of squirming in a chair and inhaling burning chemical fumes got crossed off of my priority list a couple of years ago.

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I wish it was a bit thicker. I have a lot of hair but it is fine and I often think if it was just a bit thicker it would hold better when I style it! I live in hope though because my mum had very similar hair to me when she was younger and it got a lot thicker with age.

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