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What do you feel is your best physical feature, and what is your second-best physical feature?

Asked by jca (36002points) October 8th, 2010

What’s your best physical feature?

What’s your second-best physical feature, in your opinion?

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I love my horns.

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1. Eyes

2. Boobs

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I have nice legs, seconds would be my eyes. I love having hazel eyes. They change color to what I am wearing.

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* thinks *

I like my hair, but that’s mostly because I can change it at will.

This is actually really hard.

I do like my nose. And I like my eyes – mostly the fact that they’re grey. I mean, who has grey eyes?

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I get a lot of compliments on my eye color and smile.

But I have fabulous elbows and knees as well. Just fabulous.

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Not sure. I really like my eyes, though, as cliche as it is. I’ve gotten many compliments on them. I like the blue (they’re a pretty light blue) and I like the curled-up eyelashes. Guys with eyelashes that do that seem to stand out to me. Of course that would go along with saying “face” in general, which I do believe is ultimately my best feature and the most important feature.

I’m a fan of my stomach/ab area as well. :D

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Abs, because I have been drinking and eating pizza since I was a teen and they’re still intact lol.

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I’m pretty much happy with everything really. I mean, not for me to say but hey, compliments are nice. Now my legs, they’re a different story. Chicken legs…..skinny horrendous chicken legs! Oh & don’t get me started on my feet, I fucking hate my feet. Still, can’t have it all my own way :¬)

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My brains, followed by my legs.

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Nose; so many women my age have big, hooked noses!! not sure what #2 would be. ))-: Hair?

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1. Big eyes
2. TIe between boobs and tumtum

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Probably eyes @Seek_Kolinahr I have grey ones too! Second would likely be teeth or hands. I have gotten compliments on both (which is a bit odd now that I think about it). Brain is on the list but I don’t typically think of that as a physical feature per se.

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People have complimented me on my eyebrows. I kid you not.

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my armpits, my nosehairs, and a barely noticable dimple on my buttcheek

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@perg i dont doubt it. eyebrows are one of the first things i notice when i look at a woman, ESPECIALLY if they’re nice. i love eyebrows. im obsessive.

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It’s all pretty much the same. Equally good or equally bad, depending on how I feel. I never really look at myself and no one ever says anything about my features. People don’t run when I show up, but they don’t come up to me, either. Unless they’re weird.

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1. Vulva
2. Neck =)

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The inside of my eyelids…so smooth and supple…I could stare at them all night…sigh
That and my left foot.

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@lucillelucillelucille don’t forget your smart ass. ;-)

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Eye lashes. I have great eye lashes. Second would be my ears. Really cute, small, with just enough of an ear lobe to look nice, not hanging to my chin or anything.

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@mama_cakes -Ah yes..that…I have been told it’s unforgettable ;)

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long, naturally wavy shiny thick heavy gold hair. wide set large bottle green eyes. the rest of me meh

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@Neizvestnaya: Um… that’s my answer!

I have the most gorgeous blue eyes. When my mom was pregnant, everyone said that they hoped I got my aunt’s eyes. I got my aunt’s eyes. We both have the most beautiful storm blue eyes and I’m very happy to have gotten them. :)

Second would be my breasts. I used to have no breasts and then I gained a bunch of weight and it all went into my chest and bam these beautiful, full, supple yet firm breasts blossomed.

Since @Neizvestnaya took mine :P I’m going to list a third.

My shoulders. I don’t know what it is about them, but they are the one part of my body that I have never wanted to changed. I have good shoulders and I’m happy my momma gave them to me. :)

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I like my hair, if only because I managed to grow it pretty long, but it’s still boring straight hair I can’t do shit with. Or maybe I just have no imagination.
I don’t like my gigantic forehead and buck teeth.

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@lucillelucillelucille you crack me up. Inside of eyelids.

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My hands because they are small, and then my neck I think. That’s as good as it gets for me

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My wife says my eyes, then height.

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