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Were you ever on TV and for what?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (39017points) July 12th, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll be on the Early Show (7am eastern) in Renaissance Costume during the weather portion. My friend who works for CBS and is also in a Renaissance club on the weekends asked me to be an extra for the portion of the show when the weatherperson will interview Queen Anne…I am assuming I will not be playing Queen Anne but be some random maid…my partner has swore to call me his wench for the day…

oh and p.s. Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter will be there and they’re going to have to pry this random maid off him…
Anyway were you ever on TV?

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@cyndihugs are you going to tell us which one?

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yes a few times never again if I can help it

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it’s for the county I live in
a cinderella commercial

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I was on my local area’s High School quiz show (As Schools Match Wits). And I was on a news story when the town tried to screw my parents with their property taxes.

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@MrItty cool
@cyndihugs were you cinderella?

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I was in the Peanut Gallery on the Howdy Doody Show. I was about five, I think.

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nope, but my friend was….
I was one of the ball-people

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The news crew came and filmed me and my teammates doing a gymnastic exhibition at the zoo when I was about 8.
I, along with the rest of the cheer leaders and high school football team, was on the morning news because of something the team did. I don’t really recall, but it probably about them winning states

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My family and I are in the background in one scene of an episode of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. We have a vacation home there and they were filming. This was a while ago; I don’t know the episode, but I can find out. I haven’t seen that in a long time; I want to now…lol

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@DominicX Oooo, fancy~ :)

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I’ve been interviewed by the local Boston news about four or five times in the last couple years.

I get interviewed fairly regularly for my job at the farm (I’m their creative director/advertising manager). I did two radio interviews this past week.

I prefer those as I look HUGE on television.

Monica (while watching herself on television): “You know, the camera ads ten pounds.”

Chandler: “How many cameras did they have on you?”

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir (most recient) I stopped a robbery at a local store

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I was also on a high school quiz show. I think I made 4 or 5 appearances. You can find the videos on the internet somewhere.

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@Ivan oh i believe i did

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You saw one of the videos? I think I remember someone posting one of them on

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yes I was #6.771 billion out of 6.772 billion on “the worlds most wanted”
also I was the speck 495 rows back and 293 coloums to the right at the Inauguration

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I was in the Macys Thanksgiving Parade, and they got a closeup of me!

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7th grade. I sang the national anthem for a major rodeo. Woopety freakin doo. xD

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@kapuerajam well speck 495, good for you!

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I was one of several interviewed by a TV crew for the local news, but I babbled nonsense (as usual when put on the spot in front of an audience), and my portion was edited out.

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I was on a TV show in Canada called Reach for the Top in the 60’s, one high school against another. We lost..but I did answer a lot of Questions… Fluther..40 years later..scary.

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I went to a taping of The Phil Donohue show and he let me ask a question. I still have the video of myself standing there next to Phil wearing gigantic early 80’s eye glasses and huge, Farrah like, hair asking my question. I also went to a taping of Dr. Phil, my girlfriends and I were in at least one audience shot.

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40 years later…..
still waiting for @whatthefluther to respond

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I really don’t know if my mug ever made the screen but I’ve been in the studio audience on a few shows over the years: Bozo the Clown as a kid, The Carol Burnett Show several times as a teen (those skits with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were precious and hilarious: the CBS Studio was within walking distance of my grandmother’s home) and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson many times in my late teens and into my twenties (the Burbank NBC studios, as well as the Disney and Warner Bros. studios are not too far from my home). Even got thrown out of the audience on one of the Tonight Shows. It was easy to catch a Tonight Show provided you got there early and were willing to spend a couple hours in line in the sun. Well, on one of those occasions, the large thermos of margueritas my friend and I prepared was especially strong…........ See ya…

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@cyndihugs…..It’s hell getting old! Hell, I took a nap mid-post on that one! Ha!!! See ya….wtf

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When I was showing dogs, we would often make local news shows and of course the Garden is always televised. Long time ago!

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@whatthefluther whose bozo the clown?

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@cyndihugs: Tell me you’re kidding.

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@cyndihugs….Geez…! Well, not quite the role model as Mr. Roberts, but…......hell, he was just a damn clown with his own show! Have you heard of Chuckles the Clown? Or Engineer Bill? Or Captain Kangaroo? Pre-Sesame Street kids shows. See ya…

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I got into a national competition. It was called Singapore’s Brainiest Kid. Sadly, I didn’t win.

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he’s creepy

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I’ve been an extra a few times on TV shows, usually because I was on the production staff and was around when they needed to fill a background. My face has only been on screen twice and very briefly. On one show you might have seen my back and on another my feet running.

When I was 8, I was interviewed on the local CBS affiliate for a ‘News at 6’ human interest story on the Halloween parade my school held that went around a couple of blocks and back. I was dressed as a nurse. I distinctly remember all the Pan-Cake they had to use for the reporter. They put it on his hands as well. It was too dark for him, but otherwise he would have fit in as a ghost at our parade, he was such a pale man.

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In The People’s Court when they go on the streets and ask people’s opinions on the case, they came up to me. The thing is, I’m not even a citizen of the US, so it’s technically not my court, but they aired it anyways.

I was also in the background when the news covered the regional science fair. And also, when there was a strike at my school, they interviewed people, but I wasn’t aired.

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A news crew came to our school when I was in 4th grade to film my Reach Club debuting a robot we had built. You could see my shoe, and I was elated about it. Nerdy little kid.

Since then, nothing.

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I had a trained dog act that was shown on a children’s TV show, I was featured at an award banquet for my Foster Family work, I was interviewed several times over the years for different awards I received for my volunteer work, and as an event planner for a local charity event.

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Wonderama when I was a little girl.

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Sometimes I set up the videocam and…............hey, does that count?

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The orchard where I worked back in 94 had a local TV show host show up and do a program. I was seen standing in the background, avoiding the cameras. that’s what you do when you are in the Nitwit Protection Program.

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I was in a close up of the crowd shot at the championship football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins. We (the Redskins) lost. :(

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Background actor in The Siege. There’s like a ½ second scene where I’m running from the US military.

I am qualified to join SAG and I do love the arts, but no real desire for fame here
My house was used in an episode of the old tv crime series Cagney & Lacey.

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the news

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Yep I was the face of PC World on the UK for a while a few years ago. The only other times were in the crowd at football matches :-)

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Local tv game show for kids in secondary school , was in 95 i think show was ( Pick A Number )

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You can see me on “COPS” from time to time.

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I was on Evening Magazine in a short film I acted in back in college.
I was interviewed after watching Indiana Jones 3.
I have been taped several times working, trying to restore phone service to an area. (CNN & ABC).
That said, I winced watching all of the above. I hope to avoid it in the future.

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Several times, though not as much as you’d think.

1. I did a documentary for a local TV station which still plays regularly. I do only voice-over though, you can’t see my face.

2. I was interviewed twice, once many years ago about my role in the radio (it was a feature about the faces behind the microphones) and once recently when I wrote the music for a play.

3. I appeared on various occasions with the Philarmonic Orchestra, parades etc. Just a face in the crowd though.

4. Was on ITN last year when I worked as an interpreter during an interview.

5. And of course last but not least, unwittingly on several occasions and various TV stations last year, when the media also showed my daughter’s face without my permission. Big media mess, not something nice. I’m still suing people over that one.

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I did a Tempurpedic infomercial, I was in a local weight loss commercial, I was an extra in a KORN video and a homeless person in a Brett Dennan Video.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : Cool! Too bad I missed it…

Only once that I know of. In elementary school a couple kids and I were picked for a local bit for some drawings we did about saving the environment. It was hilarious because I remember they showed each of our drawings, then asked us to “recreate” drawing them. They gave us crayons and they were like, “Just pretend like you’re putting finishing touches on them.” They filmed us fake coloring. What a bunch of dorks.

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I was on Jeopardy! in September 2007.

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@cwilber- what is cwilber rocks!

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@cwilbur….Care to share how you did on the show? I suspect you did very well. See ya…wtf

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@cwilbur: Win!

Do they archive those episodes on the web? I bet you did well.

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Frequently when I worked for the city. It was part of my job.

Now it is sporadically. Somehow every time I attend a public meeting some TV guy with a camera points it at me as I am making my point and I end up on the news.

The last time I was minding my own business pumping gas and some guy from channel three wanted my opinion about traffic lights. Apparently it was aired because folks I don’t even know have told me they saw it.

However, I also act in independent films and I always have hopes one of those will make it to TV (actually a couple did through our local PBS station, and one made it to SXSW).

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I did reasonably well at the trivia aspect of the game, at least until I got cocky. (By the end of Double Jeopardy, I was incredibly cocky, and got three $2000 questions wrong in a row.)

And then I suffered complete and total Final Jeopardy betting FAIL. What you don’t see in the episode, if you watch it, is that this was the second day of shooting episodes for the new HD format, and the board was incredibly flaky. So they wanted to make sure Final Jeopardy would go off without a hitch, so there was a 20-minute pause between the announcement of the category and the betting, and that was enough time for me to completely lose my nerve—because I had been so cocky, and the board had spanked me for it.

I got the Final Jeopardy question right, but I bet so as to ensure second place rather than to aim for first place. And the woman who eventually won made a math error, so if I had bet it all (like my first instinct had said, before the 20-minute hiatus), I would have won.

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@cwilbur…Thanks for sharing…that was still a win! See ya…

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@cwilbur Still a very good showing! I’ve always wondered… do second and third place finishers get to keep the money they’ve amassed?

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@cwilbur – still what a great experience!!!

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@augustlan: Second place gets $2000; third place gets $1000. The theory is that it eliminates the kind of thinking where you say, “Oh, I could bet $0 and go home with $15K”—no, unless you win, you get a flat amount. My stupid mistake was betting so that, no matter what, I went home with $2K, instead of betting so that if I got the question right I had a shot at winning it all.

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@cwilbur Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I appreciate it!

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@cwilbur: official fluther geek hero.

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I was in a Japanese TV Drama for one episode. The needed a couple of foreign extras to pretend to be staying at a Ryokan (traditional inn) I was on TV for exactly 7 seconds. When you figure my hourly rate “on stage”, I got paid more than Madonna.
Good thing I kept my day job.

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@cwilbur : So cool! I’m very jealous and in awe. Good for you! Do you have a clip?

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@cwilbur – Wow. Good on you.

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@cwilbur Thanks for the great explanation of the game. I’d always been curious but never though too ask a jelly!

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@cwilbur – kudos, I tried out for Jeopardy once and almost made it…I made it past the first set of questions, and almost made it past the the second set (2 more questions right was all I would have needed, and had I been prepared, rather than seeing the tryouts at the mall and saying “what the hell”, I probably would have gotten at least 4 or 5 more right), so I didn’t get on the show, but I’m pretty sure I could if I ever tried out again. Only problem is, I know that even if you get the two sets of questions right, they interview you on camera and they look for a certain something…I’m not quite sure I have that certain something.

As for me being on TV, well, I did go on a taping of a TV program in 1988, called The Late Show. Now, this wasn’t David Letterman’s “Late Show”, this was a show that was on the the Fox network in the early, early days of fox when all they had was Married With Children and Tracey Ulman. Basically, this was Joan Rivers’ show, which she took when she found out she was not on the list to take over for Johnny Carson, but she left and eventually it became Arsenio Hall’s show before he then moved to a different network. After Arsenio left, it was hosted by this nobody named Ross Shafer, and Fox had a really hard time getting any interest in the show. But I happened to be in Hollywood for one day and wanted to see something taped live. I have a video tape of it somewhere and I am pretty sure they caught my right shoulder from the back…that’s about as close as I’ve gotten.

I did however participate in filming for a TV show and I was interviewed on camera for a show on the Food Network…I responded to an ad to come down to a local ice cream shop for free ice cream in exchange for being on TV. I was supposed to order whatever I wanted and just be part of the crowd, but a woman in line in front of me said she couldn’t stay very long, and they’d asked her to select 6 take home items and they were going to “stop” her “on the street” and ask her to show what she’d picked so she asked if I’d swap places with her, which was fine with me. So instead of getting a $6 ice cream treat, I got a bag of ice cream which would have retailed for about $50. And they did film me, had me show them what I had and asked me a few questions, and that was it. So, as it turned out, I didn’t know what show, they never told me, so I went online and asked, and someone told me it was Throwdown with Bobby Flay. So I looked at the listing and sure enough, Throwdown had come to this ice cream parlor, and I was looking for a listing, and couldn’t find one. So I went to their website and found out I’d missed the airing. I waited over a year for them to rerun it, I taped it, and that whole segment of people getting their ice cream in line never made the program. They had done the cookoff part a different time, and I think maybe this was kind of a setup, for them to get the lay of he land before Flay showed up, because it seemed to me that the day he came was during a festival that was being promoted in the shop they day I went…like there were signs saying that in 2 weeks they were going to be having this celebration, and that celebration was the day Flay showed up. Which is probably why they wouldn’t tell me the name of the show…they just needed to make it look like they were taping it so they could scope this out for a possible Throwdown.

Other than that, not that I know of. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, several I know the band filmed for a live video, I may be in a crowd shot and not know it. I know that a couple of festivals I’ve gone to were covered by MTV, and I’ve been to many events where I know the local news was at the scene. I also know that I went to a concert once, stood in the front and a month later while looking for some news on the band I’d just gone to see, I happened upon a YouTube video of their closing song, and there I was rocking out. So, nothing too exciting.

Of course, some day I fully expect to see video of myself on some news story about obesity, you know how they always have that one shot of the fat person’s ass walking away, and you think…well, that isn’t a very nice thing for them to have done…but they do it in EVERY SINGLE NEWS STORY about how America is getting fatter. I just know some day I’m going to see that and then do the “wait a minute” double take.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Here’s me in costume for the Early Show this morning (I’m the blond)

cookieman's avatar

@Simone: Very nice. The costumes are very pretty. You look great. Did you have fun?

Darwin's avatar

Nice cleavage! we used to call that “clams on the beach” many eons ago when I was a member of SCA

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@cprevite and @Darwin thanks!
I did have fun…it was one of the most random things I’ve ever done…the Early Show is crap, though, obviously, I’ve never even seen an episode but the Renaissance folks were wonderful and out of the experience I got $20 and 4 free tickets to the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, my partner and I will take the kids and enjoy ourselves

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@Darwin i don’t know if it’s just me, but your link takes me back here….again…

Darwin's avatar

Sorry. It was supposed to be which is what I ctl-c’d and ctl-v’d and then ctl-v’d again right now.

How strange.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Great costume! I watched but must have missed you!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Bri_L awww, man! I was right there next to Lonnie and that other guy clapping like an idiot

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@ubersiren: I have it recorded on DVD, and it’s probably available somewhere online, but I wouldn’t know where.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir ; you’re much younger than your written wisdom suggests!

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@Judi isn’t it beautiful?

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No but have been in a newpaper more than once :)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Judi thank you, i am flattered… how old do I look?

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@monkeygirl Welcome to Fluther! Lurve!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir ; you look like your 20 something. I expected a wise old sage.

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@Judi she is a wise sage and beautiful…..

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Judi thank you and I am 25

@prude is my friend is and too good to me and to my children…we met on as well…

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We had courtside seats for one of the And1 Mix Tape Tours in Philly, and you could see us in one or two shots. It aired on MTV several years back – or was it ESPN?

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I was on Headbangers Ball with Dave Grohl. We (as in the 3 other girls and I) announced videos. I didn’t actually talk besides to introduce myself. I’m shy. But still, I was sitting next to him for the whole show.
I’ve also been onstage/backstage for a few different artists/bands/music festivals who happened to be filming for TV/DVD/video. I don’t know if I ever made it into final cuts of anything but I did have to sign release forms.

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@elijah – COOL! Any way to see the episode?

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I have it taped (yeah I’m a nerd) but I don’t know if it’s available online.

Bri_L's avatar

Aw that would be cool to see!

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I’ve appeared randomly on television in the news etc. here in Iceland. It’s not really hard because we are so few.

I was also interviewed two years ago when I was going on a trip to Iran to compete in the International Physics Olympiad. My team got a story on the news so it was really exciting.

Last Wednesday I was acting in a commercial for one of the biggest banks in Iceland. It will be a campaign for students this autumn so it’s probably going to be aired a lot on tv and there will be posters everywhere.

I’m happy for both of these appearances because the first one increases the interest of youths in science and the second one increases they’re interest in general education (and hopefully mathematics).

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@Haffi112 Welcome to Fluther!

Haffi112's avatar

@augustlan Thank you! :) I’ve already started to like this site.

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@Haffi112 welcome to fluther. LUrve.

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@Haffi112 – Welcome to fluther! How cool is this I have a friend in Iceland!!!

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A friend from Iceland taught me to knit many years ago in a way that means I don’t ever have to look at what I am doing.

Welcome to Fluther, Haffi112!

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At 12 i was in the movie Animal House – running down the street screaming with a thousand other people LOL!! Was an extra in Twilight but that scene was cut from the movie

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