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What's happening to Jack In The Box Restaurants?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) October 9th, 2010

I am traveling down a busy road in Nashville and i see men outside a JIB restaurant, nailing on plywood. They are boarding up the windows and doors on all the Jack In The Box Restaurants in town. Is Jack In The Box going out of business throughout the nation, or is this just happening in my city? JIB has the best real milkshakes in town, or did have. Question: What is happening with Jack In The Box Restaurants?

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I haven’t paid close attention, but there are plenty of them around here. Maybe it’s your franchisee.

Oh… here you go. link

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Keybo, how about sending me one their chocolate milk shakes? i do not have a clue as to which city is close to Nashville, that still has a JIB>

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I don’t know when I last ate at a Jack in the Box… maybe 25 years ago, but now I’ll have to try the milkshake.

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Go figure; the ones that are closing due to under-performance are mostly in areas where poverty reigns.

@john65pennington You could just come out to Seattle. I have one less than a mile from my house that isn’t going anywhere.

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