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You're a kid again, out trick or treating on Halloween night, what would be something that would frighten you for real?

Asked by ucme (46449points) October 9th, 2010

Yeah one thing that would go beyond the high jinks & fake “scariness” normally associated with the evening. Something thoroughly creepy that although doesn’t ruin the enjoyment for you, certainly throws a spanner in the works.I don’t really know what answers I expect to find. Just wondering what comes up I suppose. I mean, simple humorous imagination will do.

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Anyone driving really really slow in a van.

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Being given an apple with a slice in it, as if a razor blade had been inserted. I’m laughing at the tag of ‘bummer’.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yeah although it’s since been “tidied away.” Which is fair enough.

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One part of this scenario is completely impossible.
And I do not mean the “being a kid again” part
I would be afraid of anyone I visit. I would have my hand on my dagger at all times.

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People I don’t know talking to me directly in a serious voice.


An old-fashioned funeral car driving past slowly with a creepy, white-faced, smiling chauffeur inside. He looks at you and grins eerily. Like the dude in “Burnt Offerings”.

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“Naked Man in the Tree”
yes,that is it

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Candy that has been taken out of the wrapper. Aaaiiieeeeeeeeeee!

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Somebody getting shot from a car driving by.

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Seeing a fake dead body that at a quick glance looks real.

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We have this house that the guy sits in a chair and offers you a bowl of candy . You take the candy. He has cut a whole in the bottom of the bag and grabs your hand when you reach for it. It freaks kids out pretty good. LOL

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…. nothing

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A person in a gorilla suit with a chainsaw running down the street.

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My MIL answering the door in her Invisible Woman costume! XO

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