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Why do you put your two cents in when its only a penny for your thoughts?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) October 9th, 2010

Just wondering.

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Paying it forward is always a good investment I say!

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I’m very generous.

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It costs more to participate than it does to solicit someone’s ideas.

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When you get a penny for your thoughts, the person wants to listen for free. But when you put your two cents in, you have to pay them twice as much to listen to you yammer.

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2 cents is command-and-control ante

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I think it’s the exchange rate – the Penny is English and the two cents is American.

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Maybe they are giving more than they were asked for.

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Also, terrible exchange rates… In our society, giving your opinion is not always a wise investment, I suppose ;)

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Because people are willing to pay a penny for my thoughts when they request them. When I impose them on another person, unsolicited, I have to pay them two cents for the time and energy it takes them to listen to me because they might have had something better to do. Seems fair. :-)

Edit: Just realized that @papayalily got there first on this one. Go @papayalily!

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@YARNLADY wrong,—the Brits had a tuppence coin [two pennies] and there’s the root of the expression.

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@anartist Ah ha, I knew someone would have the scoop on this.

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Everyone wants to give twice as much opinion as others want to hear.

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@downtide thanx for the info and for the chuckle [above]

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The ego plays into it too. We always think that what we have to contribute is twice as valuable as whatever anyone else has to contribute.

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