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Asked by andrew (15817 points ) April 1st, 2008
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What should you not ask?

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What violates the Fluther Guidelines?

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Well its obvous that Barick obama can save us all in the world from war, global warm, and gorge bush what u think crazxy lol

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What is a legitimate reason to wish death upon someone?

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what’s one good reason to provide more funding to the education system?

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What is an old way to torture gailcalled?

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What did Andrew say when he touched his first classic car radiator?

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Why does China have ten times more Engineering grads then the United States?

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What do we all say to each other about @delirium?

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What do you NOT want to see flash across your teenage son’s phone screen when you know he is texting his friends about the new Honors English teacher?

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What do you say to a girl who ROFLCOPTERs in a skimpy bikini?

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Finally, someone talking my language?

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What’s the best way to get the fluther grammar and puncuation police after you?

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