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Guitarists: What amp are you currently using?

Asked by whitetigress (3129 points ) November 3rd, 2011

How do you like it? Details of your style would be appreciated and how your amp works best for you.

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Hog pignose. For recreational purposes, not shows.

It’s about 20 years old now – great value for the money.

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30 yr old Fender Studio and when my kid is not around I will plug into his Ampeg 200W bass amp stack! Shhhh….don’t tell him!

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Right now I’m playing on my drummers amp, I forget the name but he assures me it’s twice my age and as expensive as my car…. lol

Back when I had my own I played on a Line-6 Spyder 2 or 3. It was solid state but packed a lot of punch (kept up with my lead guitarists vintage Marshall’s now problem). It also had a bunch of fun bells and whistles (effects), so that was nice. We played out at parties and bars back then.

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@zensky I loved those pignose amps and would have bought one way back if I did not already have a Fender Champ.

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My amp is an Epiphone, “Firefly” 30 DSP.

My amp is in on loan at the pawnshop!!! :/ I miss it

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@Cruiser I love how the squelch is called squeal.

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