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How does Monsanto do it?

Asked by syz (33962 points ) September 14th, 2013

Setting aside the widely accepted perception that Monsanto is a tool of Satan, if they control all of the seed (I’ve seen quotes of 80 to 97%) , how are they not considered a monopoly?

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M-O-N-E-Y = influence=power

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But it’s illegal to create a monopoly, no matter how much money you have.

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Who makes the rules and what do you need to buy those people?

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loopholes and bought lawmakers and “enforcers”.

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With Monsantos money, power and political strings they can make damn sure they are only called a corporation not a monopoly. Money and power can rewrite anything to it’s own advantage including sugar coated descriptives.

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Better Living through Chemistry.

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6 Million Jews disagree.

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As said above, money and lobbyists.

on another note it should be interesting when some disease or parasite attacks this wonderful mono-crop we’ve set up and effectively wipes out most of the corn grown in this country.

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Money, and stupid politicians and a Supreme Court that thinks unlimited money in politics is fine.

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Money is everything. You can buy any label in this country for the right amount of keesh. So sad.

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I hate being the only one trying to inject some reason into these witch hunts, but… it just ain’t so.

If Monsanto really were a monopolist in agricultural seed production, then how would it be possible for entire countries in Europe to ban their products? Not only are they not a monopoly producer of “seeds in general”, but they have serious competition in GM (genetically modified) sees, as well. Players such as Syngenta (a $37 billion corporation) and DuPont (on par with Monsanto in total market value at around $56 billion) are serious about GM seeds, and not everyone wants GM crops and seeds, so there are other players in the seed market, too.

The fact is that Monsanto is not a monopoly. In market economies it is nearly impossible to become a monopoly without a government franchise. I’m not suggesting that Monsanto doesn’t attempt to obtain that; they very well might. But don’t confuse public relations (even the bad public relations that some try to foist onto them) with fact.

Oh, what the hell. Go ahead and confuse them. I’m still holding onto the stock regardless.

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Well…they will never get their hands on my 18th generation, hybrid morning glory seeds. Just try Monsanto!
I shall sic my geese on you and bury your representitives in a place in the Sierras where they will never be found because the coyotes, cougars, and vultures will leave no trace. lol

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@Dutchess_III It is not illegal to become a monopoly. They have done it by getting patent protection on their seeds, and by aggressive lobbying to get laws in their favor.

I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just that they have spent a lot of money to get their way.

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I sure someone will be angry that I post the truth but, watch this video.
Cheerios are GM , many cereals, all non organic corn, most soy and much more.

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