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What are some tips to stay warm?

Asked by talljasperman (16706 points ) December 7th, 2013

I put my sweater in the drier. I turn the stove on, I wear my parka to bed, and I put the bed as close to the heat source and away from the window. sometimes I take a warm shower. What about you? What are some tips and tricks to stay warm indoors and out.

P.S. I also like hooking together 9 volt batteries for short periods, and putting them in my gloves.

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Lotsd of hot tea & roll around in soft fuzzy silkworm blankets & furry pillows.

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I like the little heat packets you can slip into your gloves and shoes. My extremeties always get cold.

Also, I got a new (to me) car this Summer that has an automatic starter. I’ve never had one before and am looking forward to warming up the car remotely.

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I try to remember it is easier to stay warm than to get warm.

Wear layers; first layer is very close to the skin.

Space heater in a small room.

Hot bath.

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I’m wearing a long sleeve knit shirt, a sweatshirt, some cotton/fleece slacks and some knit sock slippers with fur trim. I have my central heating unit set at 72 degrees, and when it shuts off for a rest, I cover with a fleece throw blanket my oldest grandson gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

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I rarely have to do anything because whenever I sit or lay down I find that a pile of cats accumulates on top of me.

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Heat packets, 9V batteries, liquid fuel fired hand warmers. .... are not sustainable options. They are too expensive.
Wear long underwear. Get lined jeans. Wear flannel shirts over your regular shirts.
A $5 purchase of warm clothes from GoodWill will keep you warm a lot longer, and for lower cost, than any disposable item.

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Keep your feet dry and wear more than one pair of socks that reach the knee.

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Haven’t tried this, but I had a friend who always put cayenne pepper in her shoes. She said it kept her feet warmer.

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You could exercise to keep warm.

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Wear a woolen watch cap; there is serious heat loss from your bare head.

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A couple hot water bags, sleep wearing woolen cap and socks. One feels much warmer if the head and feet are warm. I make myself lots of hot chocolate, soup and coffee, and wrap up in blankets.

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If you’re lucky enough to sleep with a Beagle with a chubby tummy (like I did 2 nights ago) that’ll keep you nice and warm.

Beyond that, get yourself a nice warm sleep hat. I got mine at the dollar store, very inexpensive, make sure it’s really soft, and not itchy.

Wear socks to bed and slippers around the house.

Have lots of soup and tea bags on hand.

Layering your clothes will definitely help, then you can take them off or put them on as the temperature changes.

Get yourself a light weight fleece blanket (I got mine at the dollar store) it will make a world of difference. Even thought it’s light weight, it seems to keep the warmth in better than a much heavier blanket or quilt.

Become a woman in her early 50’s and enjoy the benefits of hot flashes ~

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@Kardamom I always said I looked forward to menopause because I would be warm once in a while! It worked!

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Hot water bottle at the foot of your bed. It will change your life.

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