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It is another friday 13th. Was your day full of accidents, luck, or was it a day like any other?

Asked by ragingloli (34118 points ) December 13th, 2013

How many of your necks did you break today?

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Same old stuff. I woke up with a plugged tear duct. My eye was pasted shut and my face feels like it was bludgeoned with a blunt force object. My daughter ran off to school without the permission slip I signed for her. Gawd! Am I glad I’m not having a BAD day!

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It was a day just like any other.

I give no credence to the Fri. The 13 th superstition.

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Managed to wreck my truck while looking for a pair of gloves…long story but that about sums it up:( Found the gloves later on my office desk where I left them…

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I went to a work party for another department. I won a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream. It was a lucky day for me.

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@dougiedawg shall we beat up @jca ? LOL!

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I’m not superstitious but maybe the stars were against me? ;^)

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[ :^)* *) * ) I’m not either, mostly, but I sure am having a dookie day today.
Sorry, @jca ,but I’m feeling just a little jealous. Do you like the little snowman I built for you?

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That is absolutely adorable.

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