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What would you call this, abuse, somewhat abuse, not abuse?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20270 points ) December 14th, 2013

Play: Dramatic tragedy?
Location: Store
Actors: Mother and daughter (9–12yr)
The dialogue: Mother to child, ”I don’t care about your [_expletive problem; I have my own expletive problems! Do you think I have expletive time for all your expletive problems? All you do is want to expletive while and cry, expletive! “_
Daughter goes to utter something—mom cuts her off.
Mom: ”Don’t say a [_expletive thing, just shut the expletive up, shut the expletive UP!”_

In your opinion, would you say the mothers conversation is abusive, somewhat, or not at all abusive? Would your opinion change if the child were 3+ years younger, 3+ years older? Or would age make no difference?

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Verbal abuse in my opinion.
Age doesn’t matter. If the mother was 50 and the daughter was 30, it’s still verbal abuse.

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Absolutely verbally abusive, dismissive of the childs feelings, and shows the mothers emotional age to be about 3.

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Mom needs to be punched in the expletive face. This is absolutely abuse, and the child’s age makes no difference.

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Yelling, swearing and sarcasm directed towards kids are forms of emotional child abuse.
They can create scars on the inside that nobody can see. Also, the more a parent swears or criticizes the kids, the more their attitude hardens toward that parent.The mother who used the expletive words definetly has an expletive mind. Such people don’t deserve to have children.

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The daughter should simply flip the mother off, and say “Sit and spin, bitch!”

Of course we have no other information, and there is always more information. On its face is sounds just awful, but we don’t know what lead up to this.
I, of course, would like to think I could never be driven to the point where I cuss my kid out like that, but there is a lot of pain in the world I haven’t had to deal with.

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Definitely verbally abusive. No question. One source

It is abuse the minute power is imbalanced.

I truly believe more damage is done by one act of verbal/emotional abuse than physical. Not to discredit physical abuse at all—but when physical abuse happens there’s often evidence when physical abuse occurs. It’s easy to externalize. Emotional/Verbal is more insidious and less able to prove—it’s more long lasting and tends to be internalized.

I wish I could take the kid out of that situation. :(

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That sounds like the way my Daughter In Law talks. She see nothing wrong with using that kind of language.

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@YARNLADY She see nothing wrong with using that kind of language.
To quite a few people they see that as common “adult language”, that it somehow makes better emphasis in getting the point across; sadly.

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Absolutely verbal abuse.

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Being the bright Bohemian that lives in a mixed cultural environment here in my neck o’ the woods, you wouldn’t believe the crap I overhear.
Just today, in the grocery store, ( and most of you know my passion for animals, my geese ) I overheard, ( not PC, but I don’t give a flying flip ) a redneck hillbilly woman , telling another redneck hillbilly good ol’ boy, that her husband fed one of their geese some whiskey and then, when the poor bird bit him, they just tossed him in the stew pot!
It was all I could do to not say ” You IGNORANT FUCK, that is animal ABUSE!”


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I would never, ever speak to my child like that. I have a vocabulary that would make a truck driver cringe. I swear in front of my child, but never at him.
Definitely verbal abuse. My ex used to talk to me like that. It was humiliating.

@Coloma I can’t believe you bit your tongue!! How hard was it for you to refrain from punching the bitch in the face?

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^^^ Hard, but…my words are not going to change the ignorant fools of the world. Pfft!

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