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Why do some adults, when they're sick, go out of their way to make sure everybody knows it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (25602 points ) December 24th, 2013

They exaggerate and posture. On top of that, when you make suggestions or offer sympathy, you get rejected roughly, almost angrily, so you quit and just ignore it it, and eventually that comes back on you too!


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Hah! I know people who do this. Maybe it’s just for attention. Maybe they want people knowing they’re sick so that people know they won’t be on their A game. Or maybe they want an excuse to not be on their A game.

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Have you been hanging out with my husband?

(It’s noon, he’s been awake for two hours, and we’ve already hit the NyQuil, Chloroseptic spray, and chest decongestant, and he’s asking for hot tea. Kill me.)

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I hate people that play up their illnesses. Infact, I have always had the opposite problem. I can be sick as a dog but you won’t really hear it in my voice. I don’t try to sound extra pathetic and over the years, especially calling in to work, I always feel like I am not believed. I have had people say ” Well you don’t SOUND very sick!”

To that I say ” Fuck you, what am I supposed to do, play up how shitty I feel with some pathetic act?” If I tell you I am sick, believe it! lol

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@Seek_Kolinahr Your husband too? Why is the guys seem to do that more than the women?

Hubby has been sick since last Thursday (cough cough.) Moping around, refusing help or sympathy or suggestions, so I’m just ignoring him. Today he mopes up to me and says, in his best ‘I’m so sick’ voice, “If I can’t get in to see my doctor today, can I go to yours?”

A) He can go to any damn doctor he wants and he knows it! They’re both GP’s and I dumped the one he’s still going too several months ago.

B) It’s freaking Christmas Eve!

I told him to go to the ER. In his best, ‘I’m so sick and so brave’ voice he said, “I’m not going to the ER.” Cough cough.

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@Coloma So true! I’m the same way. Why make a scene? I’d feel like I’m causing problems for other people. And I run into the same problem. People say I don’t sound sick if I tell them I’m not feeling my best.

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The neat trick is to sound sick when you aren’t. I got it down. “I“m not feeling well so I won’t be in tomorrow.” Drop your voice all low and gravely and talk through your nose. They always say “You sound horrible! Yes. Stay home.” :D

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Tell them you have diarrhea. They won’t question it.

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For some reason this picture popped into my head….I was about 17, driving alone at about 10:00 at night in my home town. Probably speeding. At any rate, a cop turned his lights on and pulled me over. As he was walking up to the car I glanced to my right and noticed a Tampex lying there, in full view. I quickly threw it in the back.
When he got to the window he said “What did you just throw in the back seat?”
“A Tampex,” I mumbled, embarrassed as hell.
He didn’t question it, didn’t say another word. Didn’t even try to shine the light back there to check.
Funny that.

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I thought that was just what men did :P

@Seek_Kolinahr Sounds like me today.

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It is so opposite of me. When my ex was sick he’d moan and complain and act like having a minor sickness was more than he could possibly take. If I’m sick I don’t bring it up unless I’m handling food or something similar. If I take medicine you don’t need to bring it to me. If I’m sick enough to stay home my kindle and my laptop will service me well, but I’ll sleep most of the time anyway.

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I just handed him a few bucks and told him to go buy some whiskey. Knock out this cold the way my old Irish Grandmamma would.

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Whiney little baby men…nooooooo! LOL

Lets just say that after a 2 week road trip with someone I was dating a few years ago who became sick in the middle of nowhere New Mexico and spending about 4 days in a hotel room, well…it wasn’t meant to last. This guy was such a major baby I actually got my own room towards the end of the trip. Jesus, I cannot deal with extreme pouters, whiners, sad sack, grumpy, sick men. Sheesh! lol

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I used to do to get out of chores, like snow shoveling.

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I opened a can of Bean with Bacon soup. Made half of it. Asked Rick if he wanted the other half. His automatic response was a groaning “Nooo.” Then he said, “Wait….what did you say?”
‘I said, do you want the rest of this soup?”
He groaned, “Nooo. It sounds good, but beans, no…uh…well, I….” like he was going to change his mind, but then got quiet as I dumped the rest down the garbage disposal in the middle of his changing of the mind. Too late. I am not fetching and stepping and insisting and begging, dude! Maybe your mom did, but I’m not!

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Seems pretty simple. Misery loves company. They want sympathy and attention.

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Is anyone here familiar with the British concept of “man cold” ? They even sell “Man Size” tissues for the occasion.

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Reminds me of all the people on Facebook who love to complain about every little sniffle they have. Sorry, but I don’t feel bad for you. Complain when it’s something serious and then you’ll get my sympathy.

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I think it’s for the attention. At my job they have paid sick days and still come to work sick, infecting the rest of us, it’s rude.

When hubs is sick, I go buy all the stuff and run away…lol

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I wouldn’t even mind giving him the attention but he gets so bitchy about it! Like some sort of back door way of trying to say “I’m a big boy! I can take care of myself! Leave me aone!” Cough cough.

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Well, I’ve caught his cold. Somehow managed to fight through enough to make Christmas dinner leftovers and take down the tree.

There is not enough Sudafed in the world today.

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