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Happy new year, everyone, and welcome to 2014. How will you spend the last two months until Ragnarök?

Asked by ragingloli (34102 points ) December 31st, 2013

Rape, pillage and plunder!

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Sorry for being 11 minutes late

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Happy New Year to you and all in your time zone!

I was not aware that there are new predictions that doomsday is just 2 months away. I suppose I’ll spend them the way I usually do: sleeping, working, eating, and interacting with those I love and those I like.

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Fimbulvetr has not happened yet so we’ll see.

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Frohes Neues!

Aren’t we about two winters short?

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Stock pile mistletoe tipped arrows.

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@ragingloli So just another typical day for you.

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I’ll be distilling my data and writing proposals.
Then I’ll pillage!

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Boinking clowns, eating fried Mars bars, finally getting my thyroid testing, not doing my knee exercises, and watching daytime TV.

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Skip the daytime TV, I’ll pirate some British dramas for you. ^_^

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Listen to Wagner and sharpen all of my edged weapons.

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I have some pretty serious dental issues. My sister found some options for me (I’m poor) but it looks like I can get fixed up over the next month. So being able to eat Ice Cream again is my main goal.

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Still got 4 minutes here…

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Happy 2014 everyone!!
How many more days do we have to live again?

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Happy New Year, jellies!

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“How will you spend the last two months until Ragnarök?”

A little less ragging. A little more rocking.

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Happy New Year to all of you bars and grills, wherever you are!

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What I’ll do is all in your details. Not a fan of change.

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