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How important is it to you, to decorate the inside and outside of your home at Christmas?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (3726 points ) January 1st, 2014

The older I get the less and less I look forward to the holidays, the crowds ,the shopping, the really poor drivers, and the needless chores of decorating then taking all that crap down, is it really all that important?

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Your war on Christmas in noted by Fox sʍǝu. We promised to not do c-mas this year. That didn’t stop my mom from spending 13 dollars at the dollar store. 13 presents sitting in a box by my door. I refuse to open them due to her breaking the agreement.

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I love decorating for every occasion I’m not the least bit religious, but I do enjoy celebrating.

@johnpowell That’s the nastiest thing I have read in a long time. You obviously had a one sided agreement.

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Why is it nasty? My mom will be tossed back in jail for another ten years if she can’t pay a 1200 fine by March. I have already paid half of it. She is on parole and this fine must be paid or she violates it. We decided to ignore Christmas so we could pay the fine to ensure that she doesn’t die in prison.

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And learn to read…. We promised to not do c-mas this year. Note the WE…

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I eschewed getting a tree when we moved to the East Coast and they were so expensive. I usually choose some ornaments and display in a bowl. I usually put a wreath on the door. Sometimes I hang stockings.

That’s it.

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Not very important at all. I’m Jewish, so we really don’t decorate, but I could. I could do some Chanukah decorations. When I was a child I wanted a tree so badly. In my 30’s I now and then asked my husband if he wanted one, because I started to change my mind about being against one. He never wanted to bother. Now, in my 40’s trees inside the house have lost their draw for me to some extent. I still like holiday decorations, but for whatever reason Christmas Decorations inside the house have less appeal to me now. I love white lights on trees outside, I like it all year long. I don’t have them, but I like them.

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I like to have a tree and a string of lights. It’s fun to me, not a chore.

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@johnpowell What I meant was the WE part of your agreement was not real. Plus, people do change their mind.

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Not. I’ve downsized and downsized since the kids moved out. Now I have a large wreath over the fireplace on which I display all of our important ornaments.

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I do not decorate.

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Inside: Yes
Outside: Rarely have the time

Once my daughter is grown and out if the house, I’d like to do away with the tree.

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We aren’t religious at all, but we love to decorate inside and outside for Christmas. The only thing is, the older we get, the harder it is to do. The boxes are heavier, the ladder is higher, the attic is colder, and there’s more stuff to schlep out of the attic and stuff back into the attic afterwards. But when all of our stuff is on display, it’s a thing of beauty.

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I enjoy having a few Hanukkahy and Christmasy things displayed—an ornament here, a menorah there. A few Christmases ago I put up a tree to please a visiting friend. For a lad who grew up in a Jewish family who considered Christmas trees and decorations lovely to look at in neighbors’ homes but unthinkable in our own, having one was both fun and ever-so slightly guilt inducing.

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My husband and I have lived together for about 3 years and we’ve never decorated for Christmas – not even a tree. Now that we’re DINKS (dual income, no kids), I’d like to decorate this Christmas. I probably won’t do much on the outside of the house, though. The Christmas-y smell when you walk though the door is what I’d really like.

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Not important to me at all. The only reason I make any effort is for my daughter. The only decorating I did this year was a fake 4 foot Christmas tree with a string of colored lights. Next year I’ll probably get some bulbs and ornaments so my daughter can decorate the tree. She’ll be 4 and hopefully a lot less destructive.

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Nothing. I mean nothing gets decorated at my house, Squeeky.

My old house I had a Christmas tree. Once. 3 foot, dead and on an end table. Nice, though.

Present house, I put a lighted Santa, sleigh and reindeer in the yard. WAY too much trouble for the pleasure it brought anyone.

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My daughter loves decorating for Christmas. She decorates the tree, her way. As hard as it is I don’t move a thing because it’s perfectly imperfect! I always helped my parents put the tree up and decorate the house when I was a kid, so I want my daughter to have the same experience.

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9 times out of 10 outside decorations are gaudy and tacky.

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Those plastic blow up things are the WORST. I remember going to visit a friend of my husbands for the first time. As we were driving along this residential street I saw a blow up snowman in someone’s yard. I made a comment about how TACKY those were! Then he pulled into his friend’s driveway and the snowman was in that yard. :( I was a little embarrassed. And as I got to know the guy and his gf, yeah. They were tacky people.

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What I hate about the blow up things is that they lie dead on the lawn all day long. It looks terrible.

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I don’t understand why they don’t have blown up things that stay blown up? Like a float for the pool. They could be staked down to the ground. I hate the idea of running the blower for hours. It’s probably an illogical thought since Christmas lights take electricity also.

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They run the blower every day? That’s insane. LED lights take very little electricity. If they were exceedingly costly, they wouldn’t be so ubiquitous.

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@glacial Some people do. Usually not all day long.

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Not at all important.

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Back in the eighties and nineties me and my brother used to go all out in decorating both the inside and outside of our house (shared it). It was a tradition to go out and cut down a tree for Christmas every year too.

These days, since I live alone with most of my loved ones and friends deceased, I don’t decorate anymore. I’ll buy gifts for my mom, aunt, sister, cousin and nephew, and that’s it. Perhaps if I met someone I would be motivated to decorate again, but I have too many financial problems right now to worry about.

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