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Do you think shipping is ever free?

Asked by dalton (190 points ) March 24th, 2009

When you buy a widget via internet and you’re told that the shipping is free, don’t you think you are really paying for the “free” shipping in the price of said widget?

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I buy diapers all the time online and get free shipping, I have done numerous price checks and it is cheaper to buy them on amazon with free shipping, so yeah, I think it is possible.

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I’ve bought two items on ebay for under a nickle that had free shipping. One of them was in the U.S. and the other came from Hong Kong. Don’t know how they make a profit but somehow they manage.

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It’s not uncommon for a seller (at wholesale or retail) to offer to pay the shipping costs in orderto drive more sales. Their profit declines, but revenue is better than no revenue.

A lot of sellers also get a discount on freight due to the volume of stuff they ship. This isn’t often passed along to a buyer, who will pay the book price. So, your invoice may suggest that you saved $9 on shipping, but the buyer is only really out $7. This typically comes in the form of a rebate from the shipping agent (UPS, etc), so it’s not quite this simple, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind.

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