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What is a good gift for a 5 year old israeli boy you know nothing about?

Asked by judyprays (1294 points ) June 22nd, 2009

I need to send a birthday gift to my nephew.

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How about a globe? Leapfrog makes interactive ones. Then your nephew could see where you are in the world and where he is.

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A toy. Go into a “Toys-R-Us” and look at the toys suitable for his age.

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This Sunprint paper kit could be fun for him and would not cost a lot to ship overseas.

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Binoculars. Kids love binoculars.

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Not going to make a joke. Not going to make a joke.

I would go with Legos, myself. That’s always been an old standby for my family when giving gifts to smaller children.

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A ball of some sort, especially if it is large enough to use as a soccer ball (ship it deflated and include a ball pump).

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Any toy for a five year old would be good, his race is of no concern. Children are children. I think legos are the best because they inspire creativity and intelligence.

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Race? Who brought up race?

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What is a good gift for a 5 year old israeli boy you know nothing about?

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On another link someone suggested Magnet Tiles as a good child’s gift. I bought them for my grand kids and they absolutely LOVE them! Educational too!
I am wondering what his national origin has t do with anything though. he’s just a kid!

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Israeli would be a nationality, not a race. There are plenty of Arab-Israelis

@Judi – those magnet tiles are very cool. I want to get some for my nephew just so I can play with them!

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@fireside – duly noted. Nationality doesn’t matter, children are children. Thanks!

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Actually, nationality in the form of culture would matter – I would not recommend sending the child an American football.

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Why not? Are you proposing that exposure to outside cultures is a bad thing?

I know you are not, but that’s what your words mean.

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Because he might want to use it to play Rugby and thus get injured. His mother wouldn’t appreciate that.

Plus American footballs don’t bounce nicely so there isn’t much you can do with one besides play American football or some form of rugby.

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Hehehe…. I was just thinking of that. They are horrible balls to play soccer with. But that’s for a common sense reason more than cultural… in my eyes. It could go both ways.


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Tinker toys! I had them when I was little (I’m a girl) and I loved them. If you know his shoe size, you could send him some fun light up shoes. Kids love those. Does he like airplanes? There are some great model airplane kits for younger kids. Good luck!

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I would say Legos. I have been playing with them since I was a toddler, now I’m almost 16 and still play with them.

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@dverhey OK, you can make a joke now

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Nah. It would be droll and tasteless. And why make jokes when you can take a nap?

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I said Israeli because that’s the only information I have to offer about him – for ideas just like the one about the globe. thanks guys! these are all great!

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You can find more answers at this similar question.

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Serious answer: I’d go with legos, expecially the Lego Technic series which, once assembled, turns into another kind of toy (you know, a toy car or something). That way he can build his own toys, i loved it when i was a kid.

Joke answer: a new foreskin (i apologize, i couldn’t resist)

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Model Airplanes, Toy Trucks, or just the good ol’ classic Army Men are great for boys at a young age.

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@mangeons And you could get the Israeli army men on one side, and the Palestinian army men on the other…

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@dverhey Be quiet. ; )

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Said I wasn’t going to make a joke up there, but just couldn’t resist…

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Those magnetic tiles look awesome!!!

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Jokes should be resisted! Bad @dverhey! ::slaps nose::

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Bubble wrap.

This is my favorite answer. I’ve been using it a lot lately. :D

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I guess I waited until there were plenty of real answers… And now my nose hurts.

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a slingshot or a hummus kit.

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I’m just curious why you would send a gift to someone you don’t even know. It’s very nice of you.

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@elijah Because the kid is @judyprays‘s nephew.

Even if she has never met him, she obviuosly knows one of his parents.

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Ah for some reason along the way nephew switched to cousin in my head. I have like 50 cousins so that’s why I was confused about sending a gift to one you don’t know.
Sorry about that.

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