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For those of you who love/eat roasted pumpkin seeds, do you eat the whole thing (shell and all), or just the "meat"/no shell?

Asked by Jude (31966 points ) October 28th, 2009

I tend to eat the whole thing, but, I have a friend who thinks that you should take the shell (hull) off.

Proper way to eat roasted pumpkin seeds?

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I am roasting some seeds right now. I have never heard of taking the hull off. It would be too much work.

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I’m roasting them, as well! :) Good noms! And, it is too much work!

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I say eat the whole thing. The shells you usually take off are the hard, woody kind. Pumpkin shells are soft and edible.

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Pumpkin seeds are properly cooked by salting and roasting until golden brown; they are properly eaten by the handful (with the hulls intact). :D

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Whole thing! if you remove the shell, there’s not enough left worth eating.
tell your friend they’re crazy

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Entire thing.

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I eat the whole seed.

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You eat the whole thing. The hull is edible unlike a sunflower seed. A friend of mine’s mom ate a whole bag of sunflower seeds with the shells on about a month ago. I guess the body can’t digest the seeds and it made her real sick because she couldn’t poop and when she did the undigested shells hurt her if you catch my drift. No one knows why she did it…she’s kinda weird, so who knows.

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@knitfroggy ouch!
does your friends mom happen to be a bird?

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@Capt_Bloth Not to my knowledge, no. :) I personally wondered if she was suffering from PICA which causes people to want to eat clay, laundry detergent, cigarette butts, all kinds of non food items. I think it has something to do with needing more iron in your diet, but I’m not totally sure.

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You know what, you know what? I did an experiment and found roasted squash seeds are yummy and the ones I made were less hull-y.

I like mine with spices on them. And yeah, I eat them whole, it’s just way too much work to crack them because they splinter and such.

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@knitfroggy my dog used to eat cigarette butts.

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@Capt_Bloth Sounds like he needed iron pills or something. Did he eat cat poop too?

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@knitfroggy she still does, she was a stray. But she abstains from all other oddities in her diet.

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take the hull off
can’t imagine eating it all

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You have to eat the whole thing!! My sister doesn’t eat the shell but she’s silly!!

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Not only do I eat all the pumpkin seed but I eat all of the sunflower seed as well.

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Whole thing and sunflowers as well. I always choke on that shit.

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The Whooooooooole thing!

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didn’t know some people shelled those things.

I love them though, my mother makes them for the whole family every year and mails them out to us, I have no idea what she does to them but they taste better than any other pumpkin seeds I’ve ever had, and it’s not even close.

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I eat the whole thing, hull and all. I can’t imagine trying to get the meat out of there.

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don’t eat the sunflower shell either

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I eat the whole thing, shell and all!

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OMG!!! I love pumpkin seeds skin and all. Especially the ones in the brown paper bags from Tijuana yummo!

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We just finished carving our Jack-o-Lantern. You can’t get any fresher than that!

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no shell, especially since the shell is usually extremely salted.

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I eat the shell too- it’s a good source of fiber.

I also eat organic, raw, whole ground seeds.

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