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Do you know the name of a movie from 2009?, max. 2007 where the guy is about to marry and has no friends?

Asked by rexpresso (920 points ) December 17th, 2009 from IM

He even goes out with gay men trying to make friends to go to the wedding with friends and even have a bestman. Ends up finding a great friend in a guy he met while trying to sell a house. The guy is a musician… they ride a scooter… I don’t remember the name or the actors but I had a lot of fun with that movie! Thanks

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Exactly, thanks!

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You two want to get a room.. :)

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I Love You Man.Actually kinda funny even though it was sort of a chick flick.

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@TominLasVegas Nah man, it was a Bromance!

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It’s getting more crowded. Maybe we need a hot tub..

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@SeventhSense But aren’t you all guys? =\

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Slap en da bass!

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Yes it’s a male bonding ritual common among heterosexual males. It’s called the homoerotic joke. Of course the best involve the scrotum, anus and perhaps the errant speedo but a hot tub will do in a pinch.

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